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MU the Library Catalog Advisory Committee

MU MERLIN Advisory Committee

  • Statement of Purpose and Responsibility
    • The MU Libraries’ MERLIN Advisory Committee (MAC) and its subcommittees exist in order to support the MERLIN Committee Structure established by the University of Missouri System. The UM MERLIN Committee Structure document is attached in Appendix A.
    • The members of MAC and its subcommittees are responsible for ensuring the flow of communication within the Libraries on the campus, including the Law Library and the State Historical Society.
    • MAC is responsible for overseeing the MU Libraries’ contribution to the development and maintenance of the MERLIN catalog, including its design, functionality, and usability. It will collect, document, and investigate problems, and will review and make recommendations for changes to be forwarded by the appropriate MERLIN committee member.
    • MAC is responsible for ensuring that MERLIN and MOBIUS policies and standards are followed.
  • Specific Functions
    • MAC will review major policy issues and major procedural questions related to the MERLIN and MOBIUS catalogs to determine the MU Libraries position. If warranted, an issue will be referred to the Library Management Team for further action.
    • MAC subcommittees and/or MU MERLIN Committee representatives will determine the MU Libraries position for other policy issues and procedural questions, and action items related to UM MERLIN Committee activities. They will consult with MAC as appropriate.
    • MU members and designated observers to the UM MERLIN Committees are expected to communicate extensively with each other to share information and determine MU positions on issues.
    • In order to facilitate communication, all members and observers to MERLIN and MOBIUS committees and subcommittees are automatically subscribed to the MU-MERLIN list.
    • MAC and MAC subcommittees provide a forum for respective discussion of appropriate aspects of the Library Catalog across divisional or departmental lines. Subcommittee members and/or MU MERLIN Committee representatives should report any significant issues, discussions or actions from their respective groups to MAC through the MU-MERLIN list or meetings.
    • MAC monitors and maintains an effective structure for disseminating information about the Library Catalog to staff at all levels.
    • The MU MERLIN Coordinators keep the Director of Libraries informed about issues which the Director needs to bring to the UM Library Directors Committee.
    • The actions of MAC are published in News Notes. An MU representative from each UM MERLIN Committee distributes official minutes from meetings through the MU-MERLIN list. The MERLIN Coordinators will distribute the MOBIUS advisory committee minutes to the MU-MERLIN list.
    • Ad hoc committees or task forces are established by MAC as needed.
  • Membership
    • MAC membership consists of the MU Libraries’ members of and designated observers to the UM MERLIN Committees. The Law Librarian appoints one member of MAC. Three members at large will be appointed to MAC by the Director for two-year terms beginning in July.
    • Existing UM MERLIN Committees are: the MERLIN Quality Control Committee (MQCC), the MERLIN/MIRACL Collection Development and Reference Services Committee (MCDRSC), the MERLIN Access Services Committee (MASC), the MERLIN Acquisitions/Serials Control Committee (MASCC), and the ILS Coordinators.
    • Functional groups and MAC Subcommittees:
      • MAC Ref (includes Law) (MCDRSC)
      • MAC Circ (includes Law) (MASC)
      • Technical Services Heads (MQCC/MASCC input)
    • Specific requirements for MERLIN and MAC committee memberships are outlined in the Appendices.
  • Meetings
    • The Coordinator(s) will call meetings as needed, but no less than quarterly.
    • The meetings of the MERLIN Advisory Committee and its Subcommittees are open to all staff who are affected by items on the agendas. The date, time and agenda for meetings will be published in advance in a message posted to the MU-MERLIN list and any other appropriate means.
    • Staff affected by matters on the agenda of the MERLIN Advisory Committee and/or its Subcommittees are encouraged to attend meetings. Staff should identify themselves and attend the appropriate meeting with the permission of their supervisors.
  • Participation of MAC Members in UM Committees
    • All appointments to the UM MERLIN Committees are made by the Director of Libraries and the Law Librarian. Of the three members from MU for each of the UM MERLIN committees, the MU Libraries have two official members and the Law Library one member. (Appointments to the UM MERLIN Committees shall be for a term of two years. Members may be reappointed. Appointments will be made in July.)
    • MU MERLIN committee members are expected to work cooperatively within the UM MERLIN committees.
    • The UM MERLIN Committee meetings permit observers. Staff members who wish to attend a committee meeting but are not members of the Committee should identify themselves and submit their names to an official MU representative to the UM Committee well in advance of the meeting. The MU representative will follow up with the requester.
  • Appendix - Expectations of MU MERLIN representatives and alternates/observers
  • MERLIN Committees MERLIN ILS Coordinators MERLIN Access Services Committee (MASC) MERLIN Acquisitions/ Serials Control Committee (MASCC) MERLIN/MIRACL Collection Dev and Reference Servs Committee (MCDRSC) MIRACL (UM, SLU, WU) MERLIN Quality Control Committee (MQCC)
    MERLIN Committees Official Membership User Services Coordinator
    Technical Services Coordinator
    Law Library Coordinator
    Head of Access Services
    Head of Ellis Circulation
    Interlibrary lending
    Interlibrary borrowing
    HSL Circulation
    HSL Interlibrary loan
    Law Circulation
    Law Interlibrary loan
    Acquisitions Rep
    Law Library Acquisitons
    Collection Development Representative
    User Services Representative (2)
    Law Librarian
    Catalog Dept (2)
    Law Library Representative
    MERLIN Committees Observers (MCAG) MOBIUS Coordinators Advisory Committee limited by size of room   Three observers allowed HSL observer
    Corresponding MU MAC Committee/Unit MERLIN Advisory Committee (MAC)
    MAC Access Services Committee Distribution list Acquisitions in Ellis, HSL, Law MAC Ref Committee Distribution list Catalog Department, HSL Cataloging, Law
    MAC Membership Core MU MAC membership consists of those who attend the UM MERLIN meetings and 3 at-large.
    Meetings are open to all staff with an interest in the UM LIBRARIES CATALOG issues.
    Open invitation to all circulation, reserve, interlibrary loan staff, including Law Acquisitions in Ellis, HSL, Law All selectors and all public services librarians, including Law Catalog Department, HSL Cataloging, Law
    MOBIUS Committees/ Communication Channels (MCAG) MOBIUS Coordinators Advisory Committee and discussion list
    MOBIUS MERLIN Cluster Forum
    MERLIN (UM) discussion list
    MOBIUS Coordinators discussion list
    (MAAC) MOBIUS Access Advisory Committee   (MERAC) MOBIUS Electronic Resources Advisory Committee
    (MCMAC) MOBIUS Collection Management Advisory Committee
    (MCDAC) MOBIUS Catalog Design Advisory Committee
  • Subcommittees
    • MAC-Ref
    • MAC-Access Services
    • MQCC MU representatives
    • MACQ MU representatives
    • MU MERLIN Coordinators
  • MU MERLIN Coordinators
    • The Coordinator(s) will call MAC meetings as needed, but no less than quarterly.
    • All staff members must copy the Coordinators when reporting a problem to MCO or LSO.
    • Coordinators will track open calls.
    • The MU MERLIN Coordinators keep the Director of Libraries informed about issues which the Director needs to bring to the UM Library Directors Committee.
    • The MERLIN Coordinators will distribute the MOBIUS advisory committee minutes to the MU-MERLIN list.
    • Maintain the IUG passwords and enhancement voting.
    • Maintain passwords and logins.

Sponsored by Director of Libraries: October 22, 1996
Submitted to Library Council: October 24, 1996
Approved by Library Council: December 12, 1996
Approved by Director of Libraries: December 12, 1996
Proposed Revision by Coordinators and Others: September 14, 2007; October 29, 2007
Approved by the Library Management Team and the Director of Libraries: July 23, 2008
Last updated: July 28, 2008