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Policy 1: Library Policy Formation

University of Missouri Libraries

General Policy Manual Policy No. 1

Library Policy Formation

  • Formation of Policies
    • The University Libraries Policy Manual incorporates only policies that have a library-wide impact, that is, they affect more than a single division or department.
    • Policies that impact only units within a single division should not be incorporated in to the University Libraries Policy Manual.
    • Drafts of new policies or substantial revisions of old policies, may originate from several sources within the University Libraries:
      • Library Staff
      • Supervisors
      • Division Heads
      • Library Management Team
      • Director of Libraries
    • Policies concerning two or more departments in separate divisions must be sponsored by either an ad hoc committee appointed by the appropriate supervisor(s), or by a department head(s).
    • Policies concerning the libraries as a whole must be sponsored by the Director of Libraries, the Library Management Team (LMT), or an ad hoc committee appointed either by the Director or LMT.
  • Approval of Draft Policies
    • Format
      • All policies, whether new or revised, shall follow the structural format of this policy.
    • Approval Path
      • Completed drafts of all properly sponsored policies should normally proceed through the following channels for comments:
        • Appropriate department or division head(s).
        • Ad hoc committee of the appropriate department(s).
        • Library Management Team.
        • Library Staff.
        • Director of Libraries.
      • Draft policies sponsored by department or division heads or appropriate committees should begin with the Library Management Team in the approval path set out above.
      • Draft policies sponsored by the Director of Libraries or the Library Management Team should begin with the Library Management Team in the approval path set out above.
      • The Director of Libraries shall refer draft policies to the appropriate university library committee and the university administration for approval, when appropriate.
    • Responsibilities during the Approval Process:
      • The original sponsor of a draft policy shall send a copy to the Library Personnel Officer in the Library Administrative Office, who shall monitor the draft through the channels specified in approval path set out above.
    • If a draft is returned to the original sponsor for significant revision at any stage of the approval process, the revised draft must then be routed again through the entire path for approval of the revisions.
    • The decision of the Director of Libraries in all matters of operating policy, including approval, shall be final.
  • Distribution
    • At the time when draft policies are approved by the Director of Libraries, the Library Personnel Officer will see that the final versions are dated and posted to the MU Libraries website.
  • Policy review
    • The Review Process
      • Three years from the original approval date of each policy, each policy shall be reviewed by the Library Management Team.
      • If the policy is to remain unchanged, it shall be re-approved by the Library Management Team and re-dated.
      • If minor changes not affecting the substance or intent of the policy are made, such revisions will be approved and re-dated by the Library Management Team and the revised policy will be posted to the Libraries website replacing the superseded policy.
      • If significant and substantive changes need to be made, the policy should be revised by an ad hoc committee appointed by the Director of Libraries for the purpose or by the original sponsor of the policy. The revised policy should then follow the approval path specified above.
      • If a policy is no longer relevant, a recommendation for withdrawal should be prepared by the sponsor and follow the process for comment outlined the approval path above. Final removal approval will rest with the Director of Libraries.
    • Criteria for Review
      • In reviewing policies, the following criteria are suggested:
        • Is there sound rationale for the policy?
        • Does it address a significant area of concern?
        • Does it relate to and is it consistent with the objectives of the Libraries and the University?
        • Is it clearly and concisely stated?
        • Is it subject to misinterpretation?
        • Is it up-to-date?
        • Can it be implemented and enforced?

Approved by Library Management Team: November 2016