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E-Learning Instructor Tools

Tools for subject and instruction librarians teaching one-shot instruction sessions, workshops, etc. Tools can be used to create, store, and share instruction materials as well as to further communicate with students and faculty.

Presentation Tools

Powerpoint Logo

Microsoft Powerpoint 

Presentation program

Suggested Use: Easy to use program available for Mac and PC.


Cloud-based presentation software

Suggested Use: A great alternative to PowerPoint. Can be used to create a more visually stimulating instruction presentation.

Tip: Prezis are shareable online, but if you are using the free software, then they will also be publicly available for anyone to view online.



Cloud-based presentation software with pre-designed templates for use

Suggested Use: The pre-designed templates will be useful for creating quick, but beautiful presentations for instruction.

Tip: The free version allows sharing online for up to 3 presentations and 5 websites.

Graphic Design

Adobe Illustrate logo Adobe Illustrator 

Vector graphics editor and design program

Suggested Use: Use professional level tools to make detailed graphics.

Tips: Adobe licenses are $40 through the DoIT Software Center.


Adobe Indesign Adobe InDesign 

Desktop publishing and typesetting software

Suggested Use: Create visuals like posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, and more.

Tips: Adobe licenses are $40 through the DoIT Software Center.


photo shopAdobe Photoshop 

Suggested Use: Create images, graphics, paintings, and 3d artwork.

Tips: Adobe licenses are $40 through the DoIT Software Center.


adobe sparkAdobe Spark 

Suggested Use: Quickly create an online portfolio, video advertisement, brand account, or business card.

Tips: Adobe licenses are $40 through the DoIT Software Center.


microsoft publisherMicrosoft Publisher

Publishing application focused on page layout and designs. A plethora of templates.

Suggested Use: Use a template to create newsletters, postcards, flyers, invitations, brochures, calendars, and more.

Tips: This is not available as part of Office 365.


microsoft wordMicrosoft Word

Versatile word processor

Suggested Use: Create outlines, tables, or simple posters.


Tiki Toki

Web-based software for creating shareable, interactive timelines

Suggested Use: Useful for creating timelines that move beyond text. Tiki-Toki allows for customization and supports embedding images, video, and audio.

Tip: The free version allows for only one timeline to be created and up to 200 events to be added to the timeline.




Graphic design tool

Suggested Use: Use a drag and drop tool to create web or print designs for flyers, images for presentations, business cards, posters, and more. Can create "this or that" image questions to include in presentations and to start a conversation in class.

Tips: Includes free elements and fonts as well as a library of images that can be used for $1 per image. Or upload your own graphics or images.



Graphic design tool

Suggested Use: Free to use tool with over 4,000,000 photos and graphics and a multitude of design templates.

Tip: Free account is limited to 3 downloads a month.



Infographic design tool

Suggested Use: Create timelines, infographics, logos, and more

Tips: The free plan allows students to make up to 5 infographics and share them publicly

Pixel R

Image editor

Suggested Use: Can be used for editing images before uploading them to presentations.

Tip: Pixlr Express and Pixlr-O-Matic can be used to add effects and retro filters. Fun to explore!



Web-based tool to create interactive images

Also includes a tool designed for education: ThingLink Education

Suggested Use: Can be used to bring web content into images. Could be used to show an image of a database with pop-ups of tutorials or definitions added on top of the image.

Tip: Images can be added from your hardrive or the web and can be tagged with web content, including audio, links, social media, videos, maps, and more.  Check out their webinar archive or blog for more ideas.

Whiteboard and Mapping

The following are mind mapping tools that allow for individual mind mapping or a collaborative brainstorming session.
They can be used during an instruction session to brainstorm with students or included as an image in a presentation.
They are free to use (usually for up to 3 mindmaps) and include the option for fee-based upgrades.




Online whiteboard

Suggested Use: Free to use, intuitive tool to collaboratively work on a concept boards.

Tip: Any board can be shared by link or QR code.


Diagramming Software

Suggested Use: Use to diagram for business or design projects. This collaborative tool uses drag and drop features and has a variety of design elements.

Tip: Gliffy has a free trial which does NOT include sharing options.

Tag Clouds

Word cloud generator

Suggested Use: Fun way to add a visual into a presentation. Can use to show the prominence of words from an uploaded text.

Tip: The best way to share a Wordle is to take a screenshot and then save and share the image. Wordle requires Java, which may cause problems with some browsers.



Word/tag cloud generator

Suggested Use: Use to add a visual to a presentation or webpage.

Tip: Word Art is free to download. You choose the words that show up and have more ability to stylize words.