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Digital Media and Innovation Lab


The Digital Media and Innovation Lab (DMIL) in Ellis Library provides innovative technology and resources for your educational and creative projects.

The DMiL has an audio recording booth, Digital Art Tools, and 3D Scanners in Ellis, Room 156. There is a second audio recording space in Ellis, Room 157, and a film studio in Ellis, Room 3E21. This space is complemented by the Information Commons computer labs and equipment checkout at the checkout & information desk. These resources are available to students for class or personal projects. Make a reservation for DMIL resources by using the links at the bottom of each resource.

VR headsets are temporarily unavailable due to the pandemic.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Lab resources are available to students by appointment only. Once the project proposal is approved, staff may request setting up a consultation. During consultation, lab-staff will provide a basic overview of the resources (hardware and/or software) and expectations for use of the lab. While lab staff can assist with setup and orientation, students will be expected to plan and execute their project on their own. Students are responsible for their projects and project outcomes.

Questions & Consultation

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