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Digital Media and Innovation Lab

Audio Recording

Podcast recording rooms

⌈ Photos of the Audio Booth (left) and the Audio Recording Room (right) ⌋

 Audio Recording features

There are two audio recording areas in Ellis Library.  There is a one-person sound booth in Ellis Room 156, and a four-person recording space in Ellis Room 157, available by appointment only.  Both recording areas have microphones, soundboards, Macs, and installed software for recording audio.


  1. Log on to the computer: Log on to the computer using your MU username and password.
  2. Adjust the sound board: The sound board has an on switch located in the back to the right.  The settings have been set to our specifications which you may adjust according to your needs.  If you need assistance, please ask a staff member.  We ask that you return the settings to their original positions.


  • For audio recordings, it often helps to have a script.  The script can be placed on the monitor to the right so that it can be read while you are capturing the screen on the other monitor.  If you are integrating video as well, you may put cues for yourself in the script (i.e. next slide, click here, or type this).
  • When recording, make sure that the microphone is set to “USB Audio CODEC” and not the built-in option.  Please note that the “USB Audio CODEC” will only appear once the board is turned on.

GIF of MacOS screen

⌈ Demonstration of audio recording using Adobe Audition on MacOS ⌋

🎤 Audio Booth

⌈ Photo of the main Audio Booth ⌋


The Audio Booth offers is a great solution for solo interviews and recording sessions. This standalone booth is equipped with a microphone and headset, ensuring clear and focused audio capture. The acoustic design provides isolation from external noise, creating a fine environment for high-quality recordings. The integrated soundboard allows the user to control and make adjustments, making it a practical choice for solo projects.

 Space Capacity


  1 person max in the Audio Booth 🎤


🔊 Audio Recording Room

⌈ Photo of the Audio Recording Room


The Audio Recording Room is great for podcasting and group interviews, offering a versatile space for collaborative audio projects. With two strategically placed microphones, sound isolation sheets or cloths on the walls, and an advanced soundboard, it provides an ideal environment for capturing clear and engaging conversations. Whether you're hosting a podcast or conducting a group interview, this setup ensures a professional and refined recording experience, meeting the specific demands of collaborative audio production.

 Space Capacity


  4 people max in the Recording Room 🔊


🎧 Dual Audio Booth

⌈ Photos of the two Audio Booths available at the lab ⌋


The Dual Audio Booth setup is ideal for two-person interview projects, with two separate Audio Booths connected by a central sound board. Each booth is equipped with microphones and headsets, allowing the communication at a distance, while the design ensures users to engage in conversations in an isolated environment. The central sound board enables real-time monitoring and adjustments, making it an ideal solution for producing high-quality audio recordings in interviews where participants need to communicate at a distance.

 Space Capacity


  1 person max in each Audio Booth 🎧

  2 people in total for the setup


🕓 Hours & Reservations

Closed for the Summer

For Assistance, please stop by Ellis 153



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💾 Software Available for Recording

Adobe Audition

💾 Software Available for Recording


💾 Software Available for Recording

Garage Band

💾 Software Available for Recording


🔊 Hardware Available

Kingston Digital Multi-Card Reader

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🔊 Hardware Available

Mackie ProFXv2 Soundboard

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🔊 Hardware Available

MLX 770 Microphone

🔊 Hardware Available

Apple iMac