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Digital Media and Innovation Lab

Logo of the Digital Media & Innovation website, version 2023. Banner featuring minimalistic illustration of recording equipment, 3D scanner, and animation stations.

The Digital Media and Innovation Lab (DMiL) in Ellis Library provides innovative technology and resources for your creative projects.  The DMiL has an Audio Recording Booth, Digital Art Tools, and 3D Scanners in Room 156interview recording room in Room 157, and a film studio in Room 3E21.  The DMiL is complemented by the Information Commons computers and equipment checkout at the checkout & information desk.  The DMiL is available to students for class or personal projects.  You can make a reservation and check-in or stop by for a consultation in Room 153.

📍 Location

Map of the first floor of Ellis Library. An arrow points to the Digital Media & Innovation Lab location.

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🕓 Hours & Reservations

Closed for the Summer

For Assistance, please stop by Ellis 153



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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Lab resources are available to students by appointment only.  Students may schedule a training session or consultation. During consultation, lab-staff will provide a basic overview and training of the resources (hardware and/or software).  While lab staff can assist with setup and orientation, students will be expected to plan and execute their project on their own.  Students are responsible for their projects and project outcomes.

Acceptable Project Boundaries

Some projects may not be suitable to be executed on in the DMiL. Lab staff reserve the right to evaluate ongoing projects for suitability and ask you to modify your plan, including canceling your reservation. These include, but are not limited to, the following scenarios:

1. Loud recording and playback projects: Resources in the lab do not accommodate projects that are loud. The Sound Booth and Interview Rooms are not suitable to isolate sound within those rooms. Recording and playback projects that are loud disrupt other ongoing projects and work in the lab and adjacent study and work areas.

2. Large group projects: The lab spaces are not suitable for large group projects due to limited space and occupancy limits. Crowding in recording spaces over the recommended numbers and provided seats is discouraged and may not be approved.

3. Course content creation: The Lab is not suitable for non-library related course content creation for instructors due to limited space and personnel resources in the lab. Instructors should contact Missouri Online for course content support.