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E-Learning Instructor Tools

Tools for subject and instruction librarians teaching one-shot instruction sessions, workshops, etc. Tools can be used to create, store, and share instruction materials as well as to further communicate with students and faculty.




What is Covered in the Video

  1. Getting into Panopto and Canvas, (00:00:00)
  2. Panopto Overview (00:01:20)
  3. Screen Record (00:02:53)
  4. Edit Video (00:06:00)
  5. Add Chapters (00:07:17)
  6. Add Quizzes (00:08:13)
  7. Add Captions (00:09:20)
  8. Recording a PowerPoint (00:10:42)
  9. Editing PowerPoint Video (00:12:38)
  10. Importing Another Video (00:12:58)
  11. Share Video (00:15:10)(00:05:30)


Sharing Your Panopto Recording in a Canvas Course

1. Record and save Panopto Video in the MU Libraries Official Canvas Site MU Libraries Official Site :

2. Panopto Video sharing on the MU Libraries Official Site has been enabled for anyone with a link in MU. More or less restrictions can be applied as needed.

3. Click the 'Share' icon and copy the generated link.


4. Send the link to the instructor


5. The instructor can add this link in one of their course modules as an external link. They can also simply add the link to the class announcement.