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E-Learning Instructor Tools

Tools for subject and instruction librarians teaching one-shot instruction sessions, workshops, etc. Tools can be used to create, store, and share instruction materials as well as to further communicate with students and faculty.


Recording a Lecture with PowerPoint

You can record a narration on your PowerPoint Slides and save them as as PowerPoint slides and also export them as a movie file.

  • On a Windows computer, this option allows both an audio narration and a video input on the slide, using the built-in camera or an external camera attached to your computer
  • On a Mac, this option allows only an audio narration over the slides.

Also strongly consider adding captioning to your PowerPoint recording. See how.

A. You can record a narration on your PowerPoint Slides in two ways.

Method 1: Insert audio, video in each slide



Method 2: Record your presentation from the Slide Show


B. In both cases, you can redo your recording on all, or selected slides.





C. To export it as a movie, go to File > Export > and select the file format (MP4 in most cases).

  • Make sure to indicate Timing for slides that do not have narration indicating how long you want to display it on the movie.