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Integrating Library Content in Canvas

This is a comprehensive guide to help instructors and librarians provide the best resources for students via Canvas.

Integrating LibGuides/E-Reserves into Canvas

The Library Resources link for your LibGuide or E-Reserves should appear in your Canvas Course Navigation without any action on your part. If it does not appear:

  1. Go To Settings.
  2. Click the Navigation Tab.
  3. Drag Library Resources from the list of Disabled navigation items (the grayed-out list at the bottom) to the location you wish it to appear in the upper list of items to appear to students in the Course Navigation.
  4. Click Save at the bottom.

Note: If you do not wish Library Resources to appear, reverse the drag-and-drop in step 3.

Canvas Metadata in Library Guides and E-Reserves

CANVAS metadata – must match Canvas title exactly.  If there are multiple sections, all the text through the section number including the parentheses must be included.

Name: LMS

Value: Subject match:


Value: Course match:

  • ENGLSH 1000
  • ENGLSH 1000 Barker (04)
  • ENGLSH 1000 Smith-Jones (03)
  • ENGLSH 1000 Smith Jones (03)

Cross-Listed Courses  [ENGLSH 4670/ENGLSH 7670 Krug & Brown]

The name/id will be sorted in ascending order regardless of how it is listed by the instructor. 

ENGLSH 4670/ENGLSH 7670 Krug & Nelson

Metadata screenshot

1. Select Guide Metadata from upper right tool bar.

2.  Add custom meta data according to the guidelines presented in the boxes to the right.

Student and Instructor view in LMS

Another view within the LMS without E-Reserves