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Integrating Library Content into Blackboard 9: Home

Why Link?

Place direct links to resources within 40,000 journals and almost 300 databases within BlackBoard, ERes, on web pages --

  • Easy access for students to exactly what faculty want them to use
  • No copyright concerns - the link is to something for which we've already paid
  • Linking provides usage stats - so that we do not cancel highly used materials

Integrating BB - Springshare Tips

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Including Library Items into Your Course with Blackboard

Make it easier for your students to find and use scholarly library resources by adding links to those resources on your Blackboard page. Remember, you can always ask your Subject Librarian for help.

There are three ways to include library items in your course.

  1. Use existing library links under the "My Blackboard" tab.
  2. Create a "Library Resources" button following the steps below, and then add library links to that content area.
  3. Embed links to individual articles, books, services etc. into existing parts of your course.

If you decide to use options 2 or 3, first determine if you should use the E-Reserve system for some of your readings, and then see detailed instructions below on how to create links.

Create a "Library Resources" Button

  • Open your Blackboard Course
  • Hover over the "plus (+)" symbol on the left menu.
  • Then click the "Create Content Area" menu item.


Add Content Area

  • In the "Add Content Area" box, name your area "Library Resources." 
  • Check the "Available to Users" box to make the area usable by students. 
  • Click the "Submit" button when finished.




Placement of New Area

  • The newly created area, "Library Resources,"  will default to the bottom of the menu. 
  • If you would like to change its placement, click and hold the vertical arrow symbol to the left of the menu item, then drag the item to the desired location.




Add Links to the Library Resources Area

  • Click the item and it will open in the rightmost pane.
  • Hover over the "Build" button.
  • Then click the "Create External Link" menu item.


Add URLs

  • Enter the name and URL of your desired link. 
  • Scroll down to select other options, such as date/time restrictions and click tracking. 
  • Only the name and URL of the link are required.
  • When you are done, click the "Submit" button.


Repeat to add more external links to your Library Resources area




Updated 11/11/2011

Embedding Links into Existing Sections

  • Open your Blackboard Course.
  • Click the content area you want to edit - in this case, "Lessons and Readings."









Edit content

  • Click the arrow icon next to the content header.
  • Click the "Edit" button.




Open Hyperlink Menu

  • In the editing box, highlight the text to be linked.
  • Click the "Hyperlink button.  A popup menu should appear.  (If not, disable the popup blocker on your browser.)


Add Links to your Text

  • In the popup menu, type the link to your desired content in the URL box.
  • Click the "Open Link in New Window" box if so desired.
  • Click the "Submit" button.


Content Linked

  • Your content should be linked to the selected text.


Updated 09/15/2010