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Integrating Library Content in Canvas

This is a comprehensive guide to help instructors and librarians provide the best resources for students via Canvas.

Database Linking

To create a direct link to a database, follow these instructions:

Access the desired database

1. Go to the MU Libraries gateway.

2. Below and to the right of the Discover@MU search bar, click on "A database" under the "Looking For?" section. From here, you can search for the exact name of a database, or browse with various options.


Copy the URL

3. When you have found your desired database, right click the title link.

4. Select "Copy Link Location" from the menu.


Add Link to Your Course

Return to your Canvas course and paste the link you copied into your course information as instructed on the front page of this guide. The proxy URL is automatically added to links from the MU Libraries search pages.


Updated 08/23/2016