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Journalism - Information Gathering Resources

Use Information From the "Track Political Contributions" Tab to Answer the Following Questions:

  • Explain the step-by-step process that you used to find the information.
  • Indicate what you found.
  • Determine whether the information that you found is trustworthy.

Track Political Contributions

  1. Find a current list of contributors to the 2018 Missouri campaigns for U. S. Senate.
  2. Use the "Follow the Money" tool to locate your home district.
  3. What is the "Now or Never" PAC? 
    • How many contributions did this group receive?
    • Who were their major donors?
    • What percentage of donors were from outside Missouri?
    • Which candidates were supported by this PAC in 2018?

Suggested Activity:
You will be covering the 2020 election cycle for your news organization so it is important that you familiarize yourself with candidates, platforms, schedules, campaigns, political contributions by individuals and special interest groups.  Beginning that orientation, you want to know about national, state and local races.

  1. Using the FEC database, find out:
    • Which national legislative candidate has raised the largest amount of money?
      •  Representing which state?
    • Who are the top 10 candidates, at this time, based on money raised during the 2016 cycle?
    • Which candidate has spent the most money at this point?
    • Of the independent expenditures, which organization has spent the most up to this point?
      • Was the money spent on support of a candidate or in opposition?
      • For what was the money used?
    • Which "leadership" PACs have raised the most funds thus far?
  2. Using the Missouri Ethics Commission database locate:
    • Which candidates have filed for Attorney General?
    • Which candidate has raised more money up to this point?