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Find Information About Non-Profit Businesses & Charities

Nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status are required to file Form 990, Return of Organizations Exempt from Income Tax, with the IRS. The form includes financial statements and background information on the nonprofit, including salaries of key employees (i.e. director, head, officers).

Find a Missouri Charity (all charities must register with the Missouri Attorney General's Office unless they are religious or education)

More Resources for Locating Information about Charities

Find Businesses and Business Information

The Secretary of State's office in each state requires businesses to register.  Local news media (newspapers, magazines, news outlets) are excellent sources of local business information.  Academic business databases, public library business databases, business and industry organizations and associations are good sources of information for larger businesses.  Publicly traded companies often have financial and other corporate information on their websites.

Find Information About Missouri Businesses

Find a Missouri business

Find information about a Columbia Missouri business

Find Information about Missouri businesses

Find Publicly Traded U.S. Businesses

OpenCorporates  claims to be the largest database of companies in the world, gathering data from government and publicly available information.

Yahoo Finance  an excellent source for company information.

United States Securities & Exchange Commission's Database of Public Company Filings

EDGAR (Securities & Exchange Commission's database of electronic public company filings)

Finding Business Information Online created by the Business/Economics Librarian.

United States Government Agencies Dedicated to Tax Collection, Finance, Economics, & Labor

Global Business & Economic Data Sources

  • GlobalEDGE - Search global data and insights by country, state, trade bloc, economic classification, industry.  From the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. Requires registration.
  • Quandl - free global financial, economic and social data.

Find Business Information in MU Licensed Business Databases