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English 1000 for Librarians: Home

English 1000

What's Here

This guide is meant to help create lesson plans and/or LibGuides for library instruction sessions, as well as easily assess these sessions in a consistent way.

LO Tabs
LO = Learning Objective.  These pages include Videos, Exercises and Quizzes which can be used in classes. Feel free to copy and adapt these as much as you'd like.

Tools and Activities
In addition to being listed under the relevant LO, all of our activities are collected in this one spot. Tools that can be used for multiple objectives (e.g., PollEverywhere) are also found here.

Notes Sub-Pages
Most LO's have a Notes page, containing some lecture notes that may be used for this part of the class.  These will often move toward an interactive style of lecture, with questions to engage students.

Before and After Class
Checklists, documents and ideas for planning and follow-up.