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English 1000 for Librarians: Notes

English 1000

Lecture Notes for LO2

Lecture notes you can use "out of the box" or customize for your classes.

Questions to ask students

Did you write research papers in high school?

What do you use to write papers?

What did you use in high school to write papers?

They might say: Internet, Newspapers  Articles, Books, etc.


Where do articles come from?   Magazines --- has anyone heard of journals?

What’s the difference between a magazine and a journal?

If you can buy it in Walmart, what is it?   A Magazine

Why is it called a magazine---what are the characteristics that make it a magazine?

Magazines=good for popular culture topics , current events; quick snapshots of current opinions, issues, and concerns; give you ideas for topics, not much in-depth             analysis, just pure reporting. 

 Journals= scholarly, research oriented articles; in-depth analysis, long articles, written by experts for experts. Includes references/citations/bibliographies

Has anyone heard of peer-reviewed journals?
Peer-reviewed journals require that articles are read and evaluated by experts in the field before they are accepted for publication.


Provide in-depth analysis of a topic. Cover topic in great depth, great scope, great detail. Information ranges from popular to scholarly, but most books we have in our library are selected by librarians for their scholarly content.



Websites provide quick, unfiltered access to information of all types and quality. Be sure to evaluate their reliability (authorship and type of information are important keys to this)

There are different types of information---based on your topic, your assignment requirements, and length of paper, etc. some sources will more appropriate than others.


Put on Whiteboard

SOURCES                                                     TOOLS

BOOKS                                 MERLIN/MOBIUS Catalogs; Summon; Google Books

ARTICLES                            Databases; Summon; Google Scholar

 Point out on the Gateway: SUMMON@MU (Search & Find)MERLIN & MOBIUS Catalogs; Databases (Articles tab);