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English 1000 for Librarians: LO 2: Understanding
Types of Information

English 1000

LO 2: Understanding Types of Information

The student will be able to select appropriate resources for research, including the scholarly vs. popular distinction.

In-Class Exercises

  • List three things you look for in deciding if a source is good enough for a college level paper.
  • Pass out short excerpts from a variety of sources and have students rank each as "scholarly" or "popular" (create document)
  • Name that citation:  Students decide what type of source (book, article, website...) is cited. Can use Poll Everywhere for citations. (Create document--sample citations)
  • Search Strategy Builder

Questions for Students

Use in class or via PollEverywhere

  • What are some sources you used in high school to write papers?
  • What would you use to find information on your topic?
  • How do you decide if a source is good enough for a college level paper?
  • What is a scholarly source? Articles written by scholars or professionals in the field, for scholars, detailed, technical, contains references/bibliographies, etc.
  • What is a peer-reviewed journal?  Peer-reviewed journals require that articles are read and evaluated by experts in the field before they are accepted for publication.

Live Poll -- Which one of the following is the journal article?

What Is A Scholarly Article (3:10)

Selecting Sources (This is a Prezi, not a video!)