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English 1000 for Librarians: Notes

English 1000

Lecture Notes for LO5

Question:  SUMMON includes books, so why do we need to use the Library Catalog to find books?

Search & Find (Summon)  searches the full text of thousands of items owned by or accessible through the MU libraries.

Even when limited to books, it brings up numerous irrelevant results. 

Use MERLIN for more focused results.

It is easy to use---you can search by author, title, keyword, etc.

SUMMON: [All Books Search]

TOPIC: food label* =  55,000 results.

 Add the word policy (food label* policy) =  7,000 results. 

Library Catalog [Keyword search]

TOPIC: food label* = 6520 hits.

Food label* and policy =  104 items.

Go over the MERLIN records retrieved by your search

Note government documents and books. 

Review individual records for location, call number and status.


Do the same search in MOBIUS.  Show them the Request button on the results page but warn them that they may not be able to request other campuses' e-books and books already at Mizzou.