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English 1000 for Librarians: Before and
After Class

English 1000

Before Class

  • Contact Instructor
    • Introduce yourself
    • Ask for assignment wording
    • Ask if students will have topics in mind
    • Talk to the Instructor about what you plan to cover.  It eliminates covering the wrong material
    • Ask if instructor is building in the Research Process Report
    • Ask if instructor is asking students to list sources in order of importance
  • Room Considerations
    • Try to be in 213 5-10 minutes before class.
    • Open both doors to let students in, but close both doors when class starts
    • TURN ON ALL COMPUTERS in time for class.
    • Log into PollEverywhere if using
  • Icebreakers
    • Ask how many went to the latest MU sports event
    • Is this your first time in the libary?
    • How many of you are freshmen, sophomores, etc.?

During Class

  • Be proactive, capture the students’ attention right away, provide an abundance of eye contact and set a tone of importance. Students retain 70%  in the first 10 minutes of a lecture, they retain only 20 percent of the last 10 minutes.
  • Chat with instructors before class starts so that students see you as an authority figure  and an “equal” to the instructor.  Tell the students that you have been in contact with the instructor, consulted their syllabus and know their research assignment. 
  • When you doing hands-on, invite the instructor to circulate among the students along with you.
  • Tell students that the searching/research skills are fundamental to their assignment, their course, other undergraduate courses (future projects), and beyond.
  • Provide students with a road map and a worksheet handout.  A road map is a numerical list/outline of topics to be covered in class.  A worksheet can have the same topics as the road map with spaces between each item for students to write key information.
  •  1 Minute Evaluation (Instructor Support page) Hover on Class Resources menu, bottom item in center column.

After Class Follow-Up

Instruction Evaluation Form (Instructor)

Record statistics on the Sign-Up Sheet  - Location:  Q:\EllisRef\2013 Fall Sign-Up Sheet

Instruction-Related PDFs