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English 1000 for Librarians: Notes

English 1000

Lecture Notes for LO3

Do a quick search using the SEARCH & FIND tab

Sample Topic: Prison Tattoos

Look at results. 

Ask: What are these things?    Journal Articles, Books, etc.  

How do you know this is a journal article?

Teach them to identify journal articles---citations have a volume/issue, pagination, name of journal, article title, etc.

Show them the different things they will encounter when they click Full text Online

                Some go directly to the article
                Some go to an intermediate page (Findit@MU page)

Show them print and e-book citations

Print book: Availability, location, call number

Click on title of the book---go over the book record in the UM LIBRARIES CATALOG (Additional info in the UM LIBRARIES CATALOG: Publisher, Text call number, TOC, etc.)


Important Limits: Scholarly publication, including  peer review; date, etc.

Review QuestionWhat is peer-reviewed?  Peer-reviewed journals require that articles are read and evaluated by a panel of experts in the field before they are accepted for publication.

 Go back to Gateway; show drop down menu  of “Limits” for Summon@MU