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Integrating Library Content in Canvas

This is a comprehensive guide to help instructors and librarians provide the best resources for students via Canvas.

Manually add Library Guides to Canvas

To add a LibGuide or E-Reserves (LibApps) to a module:

  1. Go to Modules in Course Navigation.
  2. Click the plus sign to at the top of the module to which you wish to add it. 
  3. In the dialog box, choose "External Tool" from the Add menu. 
  4. In the list of external tools, scroll down to LibApps and click it. This should open up the selection dialog for the LibGuides Library Content.
  5. In Content Type, choose the type you wish to use. 
  6. In the Guide menu, locate the guide. 
  7. Select a landing page. 
  8. Click Embed content - this will return you to the Add Items dialog.
  9. Click the Add Item button in the lower right. 
  10. If you are ready to have the item be available to students, click the cloud icon to publish it.