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Negro, Black and African-American Census Reports: 1880

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Tenth Census - 1880

Overview - 1880 Census
Census Bureau

Index of Questions
Census Bureau

Census of Population and Housing
Census Bureau 

Volume 1. Statistics of the Population of the United States
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 147.5 MB]

Volume 2: Report on the Manufactures of the United States
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 145.9 MB]

Volume 3: Report on the Productions of Agriculture embracing general statistics and monographs
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 155.8 MB]

Volume 4: Report on the Agencies of Transportation in the United States including the statistics of railroads, steam navigation, canals, telegraphs, and telephones
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 126.9 MB]

Volumes 5 & 6. Report on Cotton Production in the United States; also embracing agriculture and physico-geographical descriptions of several cotton States and of California
Part I: Mississippi Valley and Southwestern States
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 100.2 MB]
Part II: Eastern Gulf, Atlantic, and Pacific States
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 135.6 MB]

Volume 7. Report on Valuation, Taxation, and Public Indebtedness of the United States
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 90.3 MB]

Volume 8. Newspaper and Periodical Press; Alaska: its population, industries, and resources; The seal islands of Alaska; Shipbuilding industry in the United States
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 147.5 MB]

Volume 9. Report on the Forests of North America (Exclusive of Mexico)
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 72.7 MB]

Volume 10. Production technology, and uses of petroleum and its products; The manufacture of coke; Building stones of the United States, and statistics of the quarry industry for 1880
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 112.9 MB]

Volumes 11 & 12. Report on Mortality and Vital Statistics.
Part I, Statistics of deaths by States, principal cities, etc...
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 84.3 MB]

Part II, Statistics of deaths by locality, cause, etc. and portfolio of 36 plants and 38 diagrams
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 97.6 MB

Volume 13. Statistics and Technology of the Precious Metals
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 57.5 MB]

Volume 14. The United States Mining Laws and Regulations thereunder, and State and territorial mining laws, to which are appended local mining rules and regulations
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 85.8 MB]

Volume 15. Report on the Mining Industries of the United States (exclusive of precious metals), with special investigation into the iron resources of the Republic and into cretaceous coals of the Northwest
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 103.3 MB]

Volumes 16 & 17. Reports on the Water Power of the United States.
Part I (Water-power of the Eastern United States)
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 105 MB]
Part II (Water-power of the Western United States and the Water-supply of certain cities)
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 92.1 MB]

Volumes 18 & 19. Report on the Social Statistics of Cities.
Part I: The New England and Middle Atlantic States
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 109.3 MB]

Part II: The Southern and Western States
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 95.5 MB]

Volume 20. Report on the statistics of wages in manufacturing industries; with supplementary reports on the average retail prices of necessaries of life, and on trades societies, and strikes and lockouts
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 67.8 MB]

Volume 21. Report on the defective, dependent, and delinquent classes of the population of the United States
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 77.7 MB]

Volume 22. Report on power and machinery employed in manufactures embracing statistics of steam- and water-power used in the manufacture in iron and steel during census year ending May 31,1880
Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 101.8 MB]

Compendium of the Tenth Census
Part I - Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 67.1 MB]
Part II - Title Page [PDF], Full Document [ZIP, 47.0 MB]

United States. (1883). [Census reports] Tenth census. June 1, 1880. Govt. Print. Off.
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Education of the Negro, 1869-1903. Office of Education. 76 pages
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Negro Population of Fifty Cities: 1880 to 1930 Release N-34. 1 page

United States., Cummings, J., & Hill, J. A. (1969). Negro population in the United States, 1790-1915. New York: Kraus Reprint. 844 pages. : illus., maps. Reprint of 1918 edition.
Hathi Trust 

United States., & McKenney, N. D. R. (1979). The social and economic status of the Black population in the United States: An historical view, 1790-1978. Washington: U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. Current Population Reports, Special Studies, Series P-23, No. 80. 270 pages.
ERIC (full-text)

Statistical Abstract

Annual compendium of data and statistics on finance, commerce, coinage, public lands, immigration, shipping, the Postal Service, population, railroads, education, agriculture and prices. 

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map of 1880 population

When the first decennial census of the United States was taken in 1790, the new nation was lightly populated, containing only a handful of port cities with more than 10,000 people. In the two centuries since then, the nation's population has grown many times over, expanded westward, and become far more urban. The spread of cities across the American landscape is one of the more compelling stories of demographic growth and change. (link)

African American boy seated on an ox-drawn cart. 1884

Negro ox-team, Thomasville, Geo. 1884. African American boy seated on an ox-drawn cart. (link)