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Journalism - History of the Journalism Library

Historical timeline of the Missouri School of Journalism - Frank Lee Martin Library

2003- 2008 - Moving, Mold and Moving again and New Home

Pat Timberlake retires as librarian in August of 2003.  Sue Schuermann is the interim Head until 2007.

February 2004 - School receives largest gift in University History.   The School of Journalism receives $31,000,000 from the Las Vegas-based Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.  Donald W. Reynolds, BJ '27, the gift funds the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI), a world-class center for researching and testing new models of journalism.  Taken from "Celebrating One Hundred Years in Journalism and the Reynolds Journalism Institute Dedication" 2008. 

2004-2005 - Moving the Journalism Library to a temporary place.   With the gift fund for the Reynolds Journalism Institute meant finding a space big enough to temporarily house the Journalism Library.  Everyone in Walter Williams Hall had to find a new home for over three years.  It was decided that the only place big enough and close enough for the J-Library to be housed was in the basement of Neff Annex which was where the old photo lab was housed and next to the Missourian press room. 

It took months of weeding the library's collection and sending old theses/dissertations, bound journals, dewey decimal books, bound Columbia Missourians and bound Columbia Tribunes and older books to the depository and the Columbia Missourian Newspaper Library.  There were concerns about the environment where the books were going to be moved to and how the seating capacity of the library was going from over 80 to 12.   The only other place that the library could be moved to was near the Vet School but then it was considered to be too far away for journalism students. 

Moving Day May 18, 2005


Reference area in Walter Williams Hall                           Library Staff helped movers load books onto large trucks


Movers rolled the book trucks down 9th Street to Elm Street 
then onto the Column drive (8th & Elm) to the stack area of 
Neff Annex.  

These book trucks weighed around 100 to 150lbs.  Library Staff 
also moved the book trucks. 


Office area in Walter Williams Hall                                     Most of the library furniture went to surplus


The computer area and spiral staircase Walter Williams The Walter William Library begining to look empty.


Movers finally getting to the Neff Annex basement area The new office area which was much smaller than the old one.


Library staff unloaded the trucks of books 
onto the shelves as the movers built them.

Neff Annex stack area starting to fill up.


Rows of shelves still needing to be built                     Sue Schuermann assembling shelves in new reading room. 


Cindy Dudenhoffer organizes the office area          The hallway into the library in Neff Annex. 2005


The Neff Annex Circulation Desk 

                                                   The Circulation area office space.  

Two full time staff and one or two student workers were in this small space


Circulation office area looking out.                                   Outside entrance to Neff Annex, book drop and free magazines


Hallway inside entrance to circ area,
current periodicals and newspapers and reference stacks

The reading room.  Current magazines and Newspapers. Seating for six. 


The Newspaper and Magazine Reading room.          Reference books and copy machine in next room.


Entrance to stack area                                                          Stack area and two tables and four chairs for patrons.


             Stack area                         

2006 - On the first day of fall classes in August of 2006 while showing a new work study student the stack area.  Staff noticed in the back area mold growing on the books.  Upon further inspection it was determined that about two thirds of the collection had mold on it.   Many articles appeared in various publications. Most of these articles were not correct.  The Journalism Library never closed.  The library staff and students kept the library open and cleaned for over three weeks to remove the mold. The stack area was the only thing that was closed off to patrons but staff still would retrieve books upon examination if someone needed a book.  The Journalism Library staff were not allowed to comment to any type of press even though we worked with student and faculty journalists.  

Cindy Dudenhoffer who was the Library Information Specialist I at the Journalism Library during the time of the mold outbreak published an article about the actions taken to deal with the mold.



  Rick Shaw, Director of POYI 

In 2006, the Reynolds Journalism Institute named Shaw director of Pictures of the Year International. 

June 2007 - Dorothy Carner is hired as new Journalism Librarian.  Carner served as reference librarian and business bibliographer at the University of Texas-Austin McCombs School of Business, a top-20 business school with more than 6,000 students.   She  earned a master's degree in library and information sciences from the University of Texas-Austin and bachelor's and master's degrees in education from Missouri State University. 

More information on Dorothy Carner here.

2007 - With the hiring of a new librarian and the new library not yet finished, Dorothy Carner, Dean Mills, the new RJI Communications Director, Carol Christie and an administrative assistant all were housed in the basement of Neff Annex in room 32. 

2007 - The Journalism Library takes over the check out of the camera equipment of J-2100 from J-Net the IT department for the J-School.  Students would come to check out equipment and the IT staff would be out of the office working on computer issues so we saw a need that the library could help.  We moved and barcoded and added to our online reserve system, video cameras, microphones, tripods and SD cards.  

2008 - Seeing the stages of a new library beginning.


The entrance to the library. Left is the display.                                      Circulation desk and left side of reading room


Librarian and Senior Library Specialist offices       Lower level of library and stairs


Where the new book shelf and current periodicals will be kept.  The circulation desk                     


                             Circulation desk                                                         Library Conference Room


                   Stairs and circulation desk  Stairway         

August 2008 - Moving to our new finished library.  Once again the library books were packed on big book trucks and walked from Neff Annex to Neff Hall and then through the tunnel to the basement of RJI and the lower level of the library where library staff took the books and put them in our new compact shelving.


Periodical area.  New book shelf is still being built  Security gate and Circulation Desk


Current Periodicals and front searing area                       Journalism Master Projects and left upper level


   Stairway with Frank Lee Martin portrait                          Offices and right side of the upper level seating


Upper level left side study area                                   Circulation desk, front quick print computers and conference room


Reference books, laptop charger cabinet                      Journalism Library Conference room 102a


Stairway to lower level of the library                                     Flatbed ADF document feeder scanner


Movable Compact Shelving             Lower level seating 


                                                               Lower level unpacking and assembling shelves   



August 18, 2008 - Weinberg Journalism Fiction Collection dedication - Read about it here.    See photos of the dedication here. 

Tubs with Weinberg books to be shelved.  The reshelving shelves are on the floor needing to be installed.  The tubs of books transferred from Ellis Special Collections was brought to the Journalism Library with a forklift and a pallet loaded with the tubs of books.  The forklift took the whole road and one pallet fell in the middle of 9th street and blocked traffic for about 15 to 20 minutes in order to pick up and repack the tubs with books. 

September 2008 - School of Journalism Centennial - check out the book below

The J school :celebrating one hundred years in journalism and the Reynolds Journalism Institute dedication / edited by Suzette Heiman.


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