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Journalism - History of the Journalism Library

Historical timeline of the Missouri School of Journalism - Frank Lee Martin Library

Building of the Arch and the Naming of the Library

(taken from from English, Earl. (1988) Journalism Education at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Marceline, Mo.  Wadsworth pg..51)

Walter Williams, dean of the School of Journalism and president of the University of Missouri, died in his home on July 29, 1935.  One month before his death he was interviewed by Editor & Publisher and revealed plans or a second building for the School of Journalism.  Professor Frank Lee Martin would be the next Dean of the School of Journalism.  Photo below. 

1936 - New connecting addition to Neff Hall and construction of Walter Williams Hall. (Left photo ariel view of Neff Hall Arch and Walter Williams Hall taken from MU Brick & Mortar)  The Journalism arch, with its inscriptions, "Wise Shall Be the Bearers of Light" and "The Schoolmaster of the People".  

The Missouri Alumus Magazine January 1936 - January 10, 1936 a formal ceremony, ground was broken for the building. 

The Missouri Alumnus Magazine November 1936 - pg. 11 and 24  - The new and larger journalism library will be moved to a bigger room in the new addition and the old quarters in Jay H. Neff Hall will be taken over by the news room.  

The Missouri Alumnus Magazine May 1937 - Dedication of Walter Williams Hall happened during 25th annual Journalism Week on May 7, 1937,

Walter Williams Hall

Walter Williams Hall was dedicated on November 21, 1936. (Dedication Brochure for multiple buildings constructed)  

Naming the Journalism Library - 1942

(taken from from English, Earl. (1988) Journalism Education at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Marceline, Mo.  Wadsworth pg. 72)

Dean Frank Martin died at his home Friday, July 18, 1941,  The Missouri Allumnus Magazine dedicated the July/August 1941 issue to him.  World's Oldest School of Journalism Closes with the Death of its beloved Dean Frank Lee Martin.

Frank Lee Martin

The Naming of the Frank Lee Martin Library

The Journalism Library will be named after Frank Lee Martin during Journalism Week May 1942 

Full dedication brochure from University of Missouri Bulletin Journalism Series V. 44(2) Journalism Series 91

The Memorial and the Portrait - At least four organizations gave independent consideration to the establishment of a permanent memorial.  After consultation among representatives of these four organizations, the University administration, the Journalism Alumni Association, the faculty of the School of Journalism and the Missouri Press Association, it was agreed that it would be a fitting memorial to dedicate the library of the school to his memory and name it the Frank Lee Martin Memorial Library.  

   After the Board of Curators of the University had voted to name the Journalism Library in Walter Williams Hall for Dean Martin, a committee was appointed by Senator Paul C. Jones, of Kennett, president of the Journalism Alumni Association, to obtain a portrait of Dean Martin to hang in the library.  

   Painted by Mr. Wallace Bassford of St. Louis, the portrait was hung on the south wall of the library, opposite the doorway.  Here it is seen immediately as one enters the library and one is immediately impressed by the life-like quality of the painting of Dean Martin seated at his desk in Jay H. Neff Hall.   The portrait was unveiled at a dedication ceremony May 15, 1942.   

Photo and excerpt taken from English. Earl.  Journalism education at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Marceline, Mo. : Walsworth, ©1988.


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