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International Student Guide to MU Libraries: Training


Powerpoint Presentations
Introduction to MU Libraries' collections and services

Virtual Tour/Video Tour of Ellis Library

The virtual tour of Ellis Library includes floor plans, photos, and descriptions of service areas in the library. Students can follow a prescribed route or explore areas on their own.

The video tour of Ellis Library is composed of live-action videos and transcripts linked to clickable points on library floor plans. A video plays in the left frame when the user clicks the corresponding spot on the floor plan to the right. This modular format allows users to jump between areas of interest.

Quick Camtasia Tutorials

These point-of-need  videos  explain MU-specific tools and processes. Selected links to tutorials created by other libraries or vendors that are relevant to MU users are also provided. These tutorials are useful for both on and off campus users, can be linked to courses in Canvas or from specific course Web pages.

Examples include:

Plagiarism Tutorial

This plagiarism tutorial designed to educate you about plagiarism and provide you with important skills and knowledge to avoid committing plagiarism.

Quick Guides

These 1-2 page pdf instructional handouts cover research strategy tips, evaluation of information, tips on using Google and Google Scholar, etc. They are available for faculty or students to print, download, or link to from their Canvas or Web pages.

Examples include:

How to write a research paper