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Find a Print Journal Article: Video Tutorial

Created by Michael Muchow, Humanities Subject Librarian

Published on November 2, 2013

Find a Print Journal Article: Written Tutorial

1. When you are searching in a database, you may notice a “FindIt@MU” button instead of a PDF link to the article. This means that the article is not available in full text in this particular database. Click “FindIt@MU” to find out if the article is available in print or online through the MU Libraries.


2. After clicking "FindIt@MU," you will be redirected to a new page. If you see a “Find Journal” link, this means that MU has the full text of the article as a paper copy, not online. This page tells you the citation information for the article you need and tells you to check the MERLIN Catalog for paper copies.

Paper Copies in MERLIN Catalog


Check for Paper Copies


3. Clicking on “Find Journal” will take you to the journal in the MERLIN Catalog. Select “View additional copies” to view a list of all the volumes of that journal, then make sure the volume you need is available.

Find Journal

4. To locate the journal in the library, write down the call number and click on the library listed under the location section.

Call Number and Location

5. Use the table to match the call number to the floor the journal will be located on. For this journal, the call number is “AS30 .G48”. “AS” is between “AC to AZ”, so the journal will be on 4 East of Ellis Library.

Locating the Journal

6. Clicking on “4 East” will take you to a map of the 4th floor. Find the stack that corresponds to the call number. Make sure to bring the call number and the article’s citation information when you search for the article at the library.

Map of the Library

If you’d like further assistance with finding print journal articles, or have any other research questions, contact the librarians.