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Recordings and Tutorials

My Library Account: Video Tutorial

Created by Michael Muchow, Humanities Subject Librarian

Published on October 28, 2013

My Library Account: Written Tutorial

1. You can access your library account a few different ways. First, you can go to and select the "My Accounts" menu. There are several options that will come up. To access your main account page, click "View my MERLIN Library Account."

2. The second way to access your library account is through the MERLIN Catalog. If you are in the MERLIN Catalog, there will be a menu on the right of the page. Click "My Library Account."

My Library Account via the MERLIN Catalog

3. Either way that you access your account, you will be redirected to a logon page. Select your login method and click "Continue."

Select Login Method


4. Enter your university username and password and click "Login."


5. You will now have access to books you have requested, materials you currently have checked out, saved catalog searches (Preferred Searches), and books you have previously checked out (Reading History).

My Library Account Information

For more information, check out the "My Library Account" video tutorial. If you have questions about your account, or need any other help with your research, contact the librarians.