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Find a Book in Ellis Library Using Call Numbers: Video Tutorial

August 2022

Find a Book in Ellis Library Using Call Numbers: Written Tutorial

1. To find a book in Ellis Library, go to the main page of Use the search engine to search for the book title or keywords and then filter by location in Ellis. Step 1

2. In the FOLIO Catalog, you can search for a book by a title, keyword, or author. You can also use the “Advanced Search” tab to search more specifically. 

Step 2

3. You will see a results page of relevant titles. The short record for each title tells you where the book is located, its call number, and whether it is available for checkout. 

Step 3

4. For more information about a book, click on the title and you will be directed to the full record of the item. From here, you can see the book’s location, call number, and availability. You will often see more descriptive information about the book, including its table of contents and summary. 

Step 4

5. To find where the book is located, write down or text the call number to yourself, and then use Ellis Call Number Location Guide on the Ellis Library-Maps, Floorplans & Directions on the University Libraries webpage. 

Step 5

6. You will be directed to a table off call number ranges and floors in the library. Find the range that the book’s call number is in. For the book we have chosen, the call number begins with “HD30.2” since “HD” is between the range “B to HE,” the book will be in 3 East, on the 3rd floor of Ellis Library. 

Step 6

7. Clicking “3 East” will direct you to a map of the 3rd floor. Find the stacks with the call number range “B to HE.” This is where your book will be located. Visit Ellis Library to find the book in the stacks. 

Step 7

8. If you would like further help with locating books in Ellis Library, or have any other research questions, place contact the librarians