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International Student Guide to MU Libraries: Borrowing
Library Materials

Borrowing Library Materials

Borrowing Library Materials

You can borrow books, journals, videos, CDs, etc. from Ellis Library and the branch libraries. Each library has a Circulation Desk or Check-out Desk. At this desk you can check out books, bound journals, videos and other library materials. All borrowed library materials must be checked out at the Circulation Desk. This is also the place where you return borrowed materials, request a book that someone else has checked out and pay fines.

MU ID Card MU ID card
Your MU ID Card is your library card for MU Libraries. You must have your MU ID to borrow library books and other materials. Take your ID and the items to the person at the Circulation Desk who will check them out for you. You are responsible for all materials signed out to you.
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Loan Periods
Graduate students can check out books and government documents for 4 months and bound journals for 3 days. Undergraduate students can check out books and government documents for 1 month and bound journals for overnight use. DVDs can be checked out for 1 week. Books can be renewed twice online and for the third time by bringing them to the Circulation Desk in Ellis Library. For additional information, consult the Borrow, Request and Renew page. Check branch libraries for their individual loan periods.

Students are charged fines for overdue recalled books at the rate of $2.00 per day per book. A recalled book is one that is checked out by one user, but the library calls it back in for another user. You will not be able to borrow anything else from the Libraries until you return the items. As a courtesy, the library sends you one overdue notice about 5 days after the book is due. Further delay will result in additional replacement cost of $175 per item.

There are additional fines for overdue discretionary loan items and overdue recalled Interlibrary Loans (ILL) at the rate of $10.00 per day. Books borrowed from other MERLIN/MOBIUS libraries are also subject to overdue fines for all borrowers.

NOTE: Beginning August 19, 2013, there will be a $20 non-waivable billed book fee added to any overdue MOBIUS book that reaches billed status. Students will pay at Cashier’s. Faculty, staff, and courtesy borrowers will pay at the Ellis Circulation Desk. Cash and checks payable to MU Libraries accepted.

Recalled Books
A book is recalled if another student or faculty requests a particular checked-out book. Once a book is requested, the MU Libraries reserve the right to recall the book(s) after two weeks of use. Materials needed for class Reserve may be recalled at any time. If you needed for a book to be recalled for your use, go to the Circulation Desk in Ellis Library or to any branch library Circulation Desk.

Book Searches
Any student or faculty may place a search request on a library item that cannot be found in the Library. If the Library Catalog shows that an item is available but you cannot find it on the shelf, you may bring your MU student ID to the Circulation Desk in Ellis Library or the branch library where the book is located and ask that it be searched. You will receive an email notification when the book is located. Items found by the library are held for 7 days and will be held at the Circulation Desk for you to check out.