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Google Scholar Full Text: Video Tutorial

Created by Ronnie Bradley, Library Information Specialist

Published on September 17, 2020

If you have mastered the basics of Google Scholar and full-text link setup, you can watch another video tutorial on the Google Scholar Button to speed up your literature search on Google Scholar.

Google Scholar Full Text: Written Tutorial

1. To set up Google Scholar full text, go to Google Scholar at the three lines on in the lefthand corner of the page and then choose the gear Settings from the dropdown menu.

Choose settings
2. Select “Library Links” on the left of the page. Then search for and select the University of Missouri Columbia - Findit@MU. Open World Cat will be automatically selected.

choose OCLC and University of Missouri Columbia

3. Check that both boxes have a check and then click save. Now you will be able to perform a search.



4. Go to the Google Scholar search box to double-check the new settings are working by typing a search in the search box. On the results page, you should notice the Findit@MU link if your settings are correct. To find out if an article is available through the MU Libraries, click Findit@MU.

check new settings by performing a search

5. Clicking Findit@MU will take you to a page that will tell you whether the article is available online or in print, or if it is not available through the MU Libraries. In this example, the user is automatically connected to the article by logging in with this University of Missouri username and password. You can see options to download the PDF or read the whole article on the page.

example article

Check out the Findit@MU Tutorial or the Find a Specific Article Tutorial for more information about finding and accessing articles. For more help with Google Scholar or any other research questions, contact the librarians.