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Find a Book About an Author: Video Tutorial

Created by Karalyn Skinner, E-Learning Graduate Assistant

Music: "The Builder" by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under CC Attribution 3.0

Published on August 4, 2014

Find a Book About an Author: Written Tutorial

1. You can find books about an author, instead of by an author, using a couple of methods. The first is by going to and using the Search MU & Beyond option below the search bar.

Step 1

2. By default, it searches by Topic. For finding a book about an author, leave the search options on the right blank, and type in the name of the author you want to search for.

Step 2

3. Upon hitting "search", you will see a list of results. The picture and underlying text to the left of each result shows what kind of resource it is. Click on the title of an item in order to either access the item (if it is online) or find the location of the item in the Libraries.

Step 3

For more search tips, or for any other help with your research, contact the librarians.