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Missouri State Government Information Conference: 2007

A conference for librarians, archivists and state government specialists who share an interest in state government information


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Updates on FDLP and the other government depository programs (UN, EU, MO)
Geoff Swindells

Lindsay Schmitz, Frances Piesbergen, Geoff Swindells
Lindsay Schmitz and Frances Piesbergen will present data on the extent of overlap in statewide FDLP selection profiles, and Geoff Swindells will share his analysis of duplication in Missouri's government documents collections more generally. Geoff will then lead an open discussion on future opportunities for the cooperative management of these collections.

Geoff Swindells
With the success of statewide delivery systems like MOBIUS, and with more and more government information available online, the bulk of government information work is shifting away from collection building and toward the provision of expert assistance to our users. In this session, Geoff Swindells will lead a brain-storming session on how best to identify and deploy the expertise that already exists in our state, as well as ways to develop and nurture a new generation of government information specialists.

Matthew Milbrodt, Information Services Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau, Kansas City
Every five years, the Census of Governments collects state and local data on public employment, public finance, and governmental organizations for over 87,500 governments. This presentation will show data users where to find Census of Governments' files, tables and reports for Missouri's local governments on the Census Bureau's web site.

Gwen Gray, Business & Economics Librarian, University of Missouri-Columbia
Federal and state governments have information and data that are invaluable to the business researcher. This presentation will cover some of the core resources available to those researching projects in marketing, small business, entrepreneurship, and industry.
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Annie Moots, Government Documents Librarian, Missouri State Library, Jefferson City
The Missouri State Library (MOSL) in Jefferson City no longer distributes paper versions of state publications; instead, it has implemented the State Publications Access Program. The Program now collects electronic versions of selected state documents, places them into OCLC's Digital Archive, catalogs them, and will distribute them to participating libraries. This presentation will explain the State Publications Access Program in depth, including which publications will be distributed, how they will be cataloged, and how to continue receiving paper versions from various Missouri state agencies. All libraries who previously received paper publications from MOSL are encouraged to attend as well as other libraries who are interested in becoming part of the Program.
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Christine Angolia
We will explore some of the avenues to finding information not readily available through Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. This is known as the "Deep Web" or the "Invisible Web". Although there are a number of definitions, "The Invisible Web consists of material that general purpose search engines either cannot or, perhaps more importantly, will not include in their collection.... The Invisible Web contains vast amounts of authoritative and current information...but you have to know where to find it ahead of time." The Invisible Web, Gary Price & Chris Sherman, 2001, p. xxii.


Christine Angolia is a Reference Librarian/Federal & State Depository Librarian for the University of Missouri-Kansas City Libraries. She received her MLS from State University of New York - Albany in 1991, and has a Masters in Public Administration from New York University. She has worked in government publications both as a library assistant and as a librarian, for a combined total of 22 years.

Gwen Gray is the Business & Economics Librarian at MU. She does reference, collection development, and instruction for the College of Business, the Truman School of Public Affairs, the Department of Agricultural Economics, and the Department of Economics. She’s worked at MU since receiving her library degree from the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign in 1991.

Matthew Milbrodt received a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography from South Dakota State University in 1978 and a Masters of Arts degree in Library and Informational Science from the University of Missouri in 1990. Matthew began his Census Bureau career in 1987 as a Geographer with the Kansas City Regional Office. During the 1990 Census, he worked as an Area Manager supervising data collection activities in Arkansas and Missouri. After the 1990 Census field activities were completed, he returned to the Geography staff where he resolved 1990 Count Questions submitted by local government officials and he assisted the Information Services staff by responding to 1990 Census data inquiries. Matthew supervised several Census 2000 geographic update projects prior to Census Day. Currently Matthew is an Information Services Specialist where he conducts census data workshops, makes presentations to interested groups, and fields data inquiries from the public.

Annie Moots earned her Masters degree at the University of Missouri - Columbia School of Information Science and Learning Technologies. She is now Government Documents Librarian for the Missouri State Library. She leads the Missouri State Publications Access Program team which makes decisions regarding collection development, cataloging, and distribution of electronic state publications. She has been at the State Library almost 1 1/2 years and spends a great deal of her time working on the Program.