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Missouri State Government Information Conference: 2009

A conference for librarians, archivists and state government specialists who share an interest in state government information


2009 Missouri Documents Conference

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FDLP Program Updates
Marie Concannon

Marie will give FDLP program updates and clarify electronic substitution guidelines. She will also give a report on the Regional's work over the past year.

FDLP Cataloging Update
Felicity Dykas

Felicity will tell about recent FDLP cataloging policy changes, and what it might mean for your library.

Career Retrospective
Francis Piesbergen

Having begun the professional career at UM-St. Louis working in the Serials Dept., the transition to Documents was a relatively smooth one due to the similarities of the problems faced in each area. Now, with electronic issues becoming more and more prevalent in the Documents environment, moving back to Serials and the current focus on online access, was similarly smooth.

Lexis Nexis Congressional - Tips and Tricks
Lynn Smith

Lexis Nexis Congressional is one of the most important commercial databases available to documents librarians today. For smaller libraries, it can be key to delving into the rich congressional collections available to them through the Regional. Learn about its scope, its new features, and get tips for being a "power user."

The World of United Nations Documents
Ann Fuhrman
Almost everything you want/need/care to know about the status of United Nations documentation in 2009

Amy Lana and Michaelle Dorsey

The Acquisitions (receiving) tour will show participants the life cycle of a weekly shipment of government documents, from initial receipt of the packages to the disbursement of materials. A demonstration of receiving procedures will accompany the tour; questions about processing are welcome.

A Snapshot of the Built Environment
John Montre

As we all know, every ten years, the Census Bureau constructs a profile of the nation, and some of this information is used to illustrate urban histories and project urban futures. But what about other sources of data? In this presentation we will look at some other sources and alternatives for constructing a snapshot of the urban landscape.

Documents Processing Q&A
Karen Darling, Jee-Hyun Davis, Felicity Dykas, Amy Lana

This is your opportunity to ask any questions relating to processing government documents in any format - from receiving to cataloging to making them ready for the shelf.

BLS, NASWA, C2ER, MERIC, LMI, etc.—Just what does this Alphabet Soup Really Mean (and how can I use it to answer the questions I get from Customers)?
Holly Haber

We’ll take a quick tour of internet sources of LMI (Labor Market Information). Starting with the Bureau of Labor Market Information and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, we’ll look at numerous sources of information about the world of work. Much of what is published today is not published in paper form. This workshop will direct you to some of the many internet sources of information to answer customers’ questions.


Marie Concannon started out as a Graduate Library Assistant under Sally Schilling in Ellis Library’s Documents office back in the late 1980s. Graduating from MU in 1989 with an MA in Library Science, she took a job as reference librarian at the State Historical Society of Missouri. After eleven years, she transferred back to the Documents office. She has held the Government Documents Regional Coordinator position since November of 2008.

Karen Darling earned a University of London Post-Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Studies in 1975. Since then she has held cataloging, serials and acquisitions positions in large research libraries at the University of Arizona, the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Oregon, prior to coming to head the MU Acquisitions Department in 2000. All of these positions have included working with the technical services aspects of government documents.

Jee-Hyun Davis received her MSIS (Master of Science in Information Studies) at University of Texas at Austin in 2006. Since August 2007, she has worked in Catalog Department at Ellis Library as a Special Projects Cataloger. She specializes in cataloging non-print formats such as maps, video recordings, MU locally digitized materials, and two dimensional non-projectable graphic materials like posters.

Michaelle Dorsey received a BFA in painting and a BA in English Literature from Truman State University in 1994. During her time as an undergraduate she spent four years working as a book repair student assistant at Pickler Library. Upon graduation, she was hired into the Physical Processing/Preservation Unit at MU Libraries. She has been head of the Unit for eight of her fifteen year tenure at MU Libraries.

Felicity Dykas' initiation into Government Documents began with shelving federal governments as a student assistant. Since that time she has cataloged government documents and supervised government documents processing. She worked at Linda Hall Library (4.5 years), the University of Missouri—Kansas City (18 years), and is currently Head of the Catalog Department at the University of Missouri—Columbia where she has worked for four years. The MU Libraries Catalog Department is involved in cataloging new documents, retrospective cataloging of older documents, and resolution of MARCIVE shipping list records that haven’t been replaced with full level records.

Ann Fuhrman graduated from MU’s School of Information Science and Learning Technologies in August, 2002, after having fulfilled her Practicum in Meyer Library’s Government Documents department, at what was then Southwest Missouri State University, when the Library received its designation as a United Nations depository. Having participated in Model UN as a political science major at Western Illinois University, Ann was particularly excited at the opportunity to work with the depository from its inception. She continues to hold the position of Government Documents Specialist in Missouri’s only UN depository, where her work meshes seamlessly with Missouri State University’s legislatively-mandated statewide public affairs mission.

Holly Harbor is a Research Manager at the Missouri Economic Research & Information Center (MERIC).

Amy Lana received her Master’s degree in Classical Studies (ancient Greek language and literature emphasis) at Loyola University of Chicago in 1998. After pursuing PhD work in archaeology at the University of Missouri-Columbia, she joined the MU Libraries monographs acquisitions unit in 2006. Her unit took over receiving duties for government documents in July 2007.

John Montre earned his masters degree at the University of Missouri - Columbia School of Information Science and Learning Technologies and a masters degree in Urban Studies from Saint Louis University. Currently a reference librarian at Saint Louis University, he has worked with Government Documents at SLU and at St. Louis Public library. Prior to his library career, Montre, a graduate of the Journalism School at MU, was a photojournalist for 15 years.

Frances Piesbergen earned her Masters degree at the University of Missouri – Columbia, (nee) School of Library & Information Science (1984). She is a member of the Reference Leadership Team, but has traded Government Documents duties (1991-2008) for Serials Coordinator duties, adding supervision of the Serials Acquisitions Department and the Current Periodicals/Microforms Department to her Reference responsibilities. She has been at UM-St. Louis since 1978.

Earnrolyn "Lynn" Smith is an Information Professional Consultant with LexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions. She has a J.D. from Saint Louis University School of Law. She has a Master's of Information and Library Studies from The University of Michigan. She has been with LexisNexis for over 10 years. Before joining the academic market, she worked in the legal market of the company.