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Research Tools

Many tools exist to support research, especially as it relates to citation and plagiarism tools.

The MU Libraries has workshops and recordings of workshops that explain how to use some of these resources. You can find them on our Recordings and Tutorials tab.

For more information about the libraries citation tools, see our Citation Guide.

This page shares information about:

  • Citation style guides
  • Citation tools and software
  • Plugins and extensions

Research Tools

Citation help:

   Citation styles:

   Citation managers:

Cited Reference Searching

Cited references are the articles, books or other materials listed in a bibliography or as works cited in a particular publication. Because citation databases index each reference, it is possible to search these cited references. One can follow a particular cited reference, or cited author, forward in time to find more current articles that have also cited that author or work.

Use our guide on Cited Reference Searching to learn more.