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Find and Request Articles

MU Libraries has access to countless articles through our print and online collections. To determine which databases might be the best fit for your search, visit Library Guides -- By Subject. Sometimes searching in databases can be tricky, but the tips on this page can help you use the tools provided here. Please remember that librarians are available to assist you via the "Ask Us!" button or find other ways to contact us here

This page shares information about:

  • Looking for a specific article
  • Searching for articles or resources for a project
  • Finding full text of an article



These are just a few of the MU Libraries database collections. They lean towards a more general audience and are a great place to start, and sometimes fully support most research projects. 

For additional sources for articles, check our listings:


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Find a Specific Article

If you have an article citation, fill out this form to locate the full-text of an article either online or in print. 


Find the full-text of the article

  • Many databases contain the full-text of articles.
  • If the article is not full-text in the database follow the FindIt@MU  link. 
  • One of three things should happen:
    1. Article appears on screen.
    2. Notified that the publication is in print; provides the location (campus library and call number). You can have a PDF emailed to you through our Scan and Deliver service. See the tab for Scan and Deliver for more information.
    3. Item isn't available at MU; provided with the option to use interlibrary loan service to request the article from another library. Relevant parts of the citation copy over onto the request form after you log on to the ILL@MU system with your username.

Articles from journals not held by the MU Libraries are available free-of-charge through the Interlibrary Loan ILL@MU Service. 

These articles are posted on the web as soon as they arrive.

Requestors are notified via email to their MU email account.

  • Articles found in print journals held by MU Libraries (not available online) are available for free through the MU Libraries Scan and Deliver service [follow the link and click the tab titled "Scan and Deliver"].
  • Copying will be done in accordance with copyright laws and guidelines.
  • For faster service at a much higher price, students may also elect to use Commercial Document Delivery providers:

Off campus access is available to currently enrolled MU students/Faculty/Staff. Access is authenticated by the user's username (MU username and password). 

For more information about off campus access see our guide about Off-Campus Access

Electronic resources are available to University of Missouri (MU) students, faculty, staff, and library users in accordance with the publisher's license terms and conditions. Users have an obligation to read, be aware of, and observe the terms and conditions of use for all electronic resources. You must:

  • Use the resources for personal, educational, or research purposes only
  • Check the license terms on this website for permitted uses and prohibited uses
  • Comply with restrictions on use, copying, reproduction, distributions, and alteration
  • Comply with all applicable laws concerning copyright and intellectual property

You must not:

  • Systematically, programmatically, or massively copy any of these resources
  • Sell or otherwise make commercial use of these resources