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2015 Protests at MU: Editorials and Commentary

Editorials and Letters to the Editor

CARL KENNEY: Diversity training the beginning of a much-needed conversation 10/13/2015

GUEST COMMENTARY: Eliminating inequality, injustice at MU is our responsibility 10/16/2015

GUEST COMMENTARY: Diversity training is a good step for MU, but it's not enough 10/16/2015

CARL KENNEY: Silence announces the sentiment of those who don't speak 10/20/2015

DEAR READER: Finding all the threads woven in a hunger strike 11/6/2015

GEORGE KENNEDY: MU is mired in complicated matters, but who's responsible? 11/6/2015

CARL KENNEY: Moving beyond racism to reality of change 11/9/2015

GEORGE KENNEDY: Days of demands lead to upheaval 11/9/2015

FROM READERS: Activism, trial by social media and "Cool Hand Luke" 11/9/2015

GUEST COMMENTARY: A response to Concerned Student 1950, hunger strike and Missouri football courage 11/12/2015

FROM READERS: Hickman principal encourages students to seek to understand each other 11/12/2015

EDITORIAL: Winning the battle at Mizzou is signal for hard work to begin 11/13/2015

GUEST COMMENTARY: 'Deja vu all over again' 11/14/2015

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Continue to fight the scourge of racism 11/16/2015

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Heated moments can leave room for benefit of the doubt 11/18/2015

GUEST COMMENTARY: Free speech must be protected 11/19/2015

GUEST COMMENTARY: Law v. ethics: Journalists often face difficult decisions 11/22/2015

DEAR READERS: The white community on MU campus needs to acknowledge racism 11/27/2015

GUEST COMMENTARY: Just what has happened to journalism? 12/5/2015

GENE ROBERTSON: Now is the time to 'seize the opportunity' for greater diversity 12/14/2015

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Faculty and staff group at MU responds to Scalia's comments 12/15/2015

CARL KENNEY: Ending the semester with lessons on compromise, not conflict 12/15/2015

GEORGE KENNEDY: A new year for a new conversation about race 1/1/2016

CARL KENNEY: Lessons of history can inform the present 1/19/2016

CARL KENNEY: There's no reason to punish Melissa Click any longer 1/26/2016

GUEST COMMENTARY: In support of Melissa Click as she supported us 1/27/2016

EDITORIAL: Melissa Click asked for justice. Now she'll get it. 1/29/2016

DEAR READER: Not much is in equilibrium at MU 1/30/2016

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Melissa Click cares about MU students 2/2/2016

CARL KENNEY: Troubling questions arise after two black curators resign 2/2/2016

DAVID ROSMAN: Melissa Click seems to have learned her lesson 2/3/2016

STEVE SPELLMAN: Conflict with the Legislature doesn't bode well for MU 2/3/2016

CARL KENNEY: We are a nation of broken people who have become symbols 2/9/2016

EDITORIAL: Why are 'free speech' advocates so eager to silence Melissa Click? 2/18/2016

GUEST COMMENTARY: Shakespeare, Melissa Click and campus unrest  2/18/2016

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Melissa Click and First Amendment rights 2/19/2016

STEVE SPELLMAN: Ugly mess at Mizzou has long been fermenting 2/24/2018

GEORGE KENNEDY: On campus and in the Capitol, a clear failure of leadership 2/26/2016

DEAR READER: Melissa Click is the story that keeps going and going 2/26/2016

EDITORIAL: Academic freedom loses in Melissa Click decision 2/26/2016

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: University governance needs complete overhaul 3/1/2016

CARL KENNEY: When winning becomes more urgent than the need for change 3/1/2016

GEORGE KENNEDY: The time for demands is over. It's time for collaboration 3/6/2016

CARL KENNEY: Spike Lee's film captures context of an historic movement 4/12/2016

EDITORIAL: MU, Schaefer win dubious awards for muzzling free speech 4/27/2016

CARL KENNEY: Chuck Henson and his thankless position 5/3/2016

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Systemic racism needs good change agents, not new hires 5/11/2016

CARL KENNEY: MU censure may ruin its ability to recruit a diverse faculty 6/21/2016

EDITORIAL: MU acts with needed speed to squash racial hatred on campus 10/3/2016

AARON REISS: Understanding the Missouri football boycott's legacy and the issues that remain 11/1/2016

DEAR READER: A year after 'The Day' at MU, the call for more dialogue continues 11/5/2016 

AARON REISS: A year out of football, Ian Simon gains appreciation for Missouri football boycott 11/8/2016

EDITORIAL: Free speech shouldn't be stifled 5/8/2017

EDITORIAL: Long list of challenges awaits MU’s new chancellor 5/30/2017

GUEST COMMENTARY: National article mischaracterizes state of MU after 2015 protests 7/10/2017

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: New York Times article on Mizzou gets it wrong 7/12/2017

EDITORIAL: Mizzou's focus on helping low-income students should help boost enrollment 9/6/2017

GUEST COMMENTARY: National article mischaracterizes state of MU after 2015 protests 9/10/2017

GUEST COMMENTARY: Hiring Edelman PR was the wrong move for the UM System 9/25/2017

GUEST COMMENTARY: American patriotism means standing up for those affected by bigotry 9/26/2017

GEORGE KENNEDY: Two years after campus protests, it's time to lift the burden of history 11/9/2017 

GEORGE KENNEDY: Steps have been taken after 2015 protests, but more must be done 11/16/2017