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2015 Protests at MU: 2015 Articles

Newspaper Articles 2015

About 100 students protest racial discrimination at MU 9/24/2015

Students march through MU Student Center in protest of racial injustice 10/1/2015

In Homecoming parade, racial justice advocates take different paths 10/10/2015

CARL KENNEY: Diversity training the beginning of a much-needed conversation 10/13/2015

Concerned residents use Twitter to discuss police conduct at Homecoming parade 10/14/2015

GUEST COMMENTARY: Eliminating inequality, injustice at MU is our responsibility 10/16/2015

GUEST COMMENTARY: Diversity training is a good step for MU, but it's not enough 10/16/2015

CARL KENNEY: Silence announces the sentiment of those who don't speak 10/20/2015

Departments state support for student group; group calls for Wolfe's resignation 10/21/2015

How MU has come face-to-face with racism on campus 10/21/2015

Protesters say talks with President Wolfe did not achieve resolution 10/27/2015

UPDATE: MU student embarks on hunger strike, demands Wolfe's removal from office 11/2/2015

Student activists camp out to protest Wolfe and support hunger strike 11/2/2015 

Butler hunger strike supporters challenge Wolfe 11/3/2015

Concerned Student 1950 and allies announce boycott 11/4/2015 

UPDATE: Student group announces MU boycott, leads demonstration through campus 11/4/2015

Activists put football night protest on hold, plan event for Monday 11/5/2015

Two hours in a cold, dark tent on the Carnahan Quadrangle 11/6/2015

Racial climate at MU: A timeline of incidents this fall 11/6/2015

Jewish Student Organization, other student groups, support Concerned Student 1950 11/6/2015

UPDATE: Protesters meet UM System president outside Kansas City fundraiser 11/6/2015

DEAR READER: Finding all the threads woven in a hunger strike 11/6/2015

GEORGE KENNEDY: MU is mired in complicated matters, but who's responsible? 11/6/2015

UPDATE: Black Missouri football players plan to join Wolfe protest through boycott 11/7/2015

Protesters use recruiting day to voice concerns about racism at MU 11/7/2015

UM President Tim Wolfe issues statement about MU protests 11/8/2015

Calls for Wolfe's ouster grow; curators to meet after UM president's latest statement 11/8/2015 

UPDATE: Pinkel, other players show support for protest 11/8/2015

UPDATE: 'Racism and intolerance have no place' at MU, Gov. Nixon says in statement 11/8/2015

UPDATE: Missouri lawmakers call for UM System President Tim Wolfe to step down 11/8/2015

At protest site, defeat and determination among signs of support 11/8/2015

ANSWERED: Common questions about Jonathan Butler's hunger strike 11/8/2015

FROM READERS: MU faculty member shares stories of racism 11/8/2015

FROM READERS: Minister writes about why she supports Butler's hunger strike despite discomfort 11/8/2015

WEEK IN PHOTOS: Nov. 1-7 11/8/2015

Concerned Student 1950 movement continues past Monday's moment 11/9/2015

Gary Pinkel and Mack Rhoades address football situation at news conference 11/9/2015

MU students tell their stories of everyday racism 11/9/2015

MU black alumni, others support protesters, decry continued racism 11/9/2015

UM PRESIDENT OUT: Wolfe resigns as UM System president amid campus uproar 11/9/2015

Transcript of Tim Wolfe's resignation speech 11/9/2015

A day of celebration and confusion 11/9/2015

What national and international media are saying 11/9/2015

Loftin resigns as MU chancellor, effective at the end of the year 11/9/2015

Politicians, administrators, alumni weigh in on Wolfe's resignation 11/9/2015

CARL KENNEY: Moving beyond racism to reality of change 11/9/2015

GEORGE KENNEDY: Days of demands lead to upheaval 11/9/2015

FROM READERS: Activism, trial by social media and "Cool Hand Luke" 11/9/2015

What's happening at UMSL, UMKC, Missouri S&T to avoid racial tensions 11/9/2015

Football team says it's 'ready to play' after Wolfe's resignation 11/9/2015

A wild day on campus ends with some silence from Missouri football 11/9/2015

Missouri football players flexed muscle with proposed boycott 11/9/2015

Recapping the Nov. 9 events: UM System endures a day of upheaval 11/10/2015

Quest for justice drives MU hunger striker to grab 'things by the root' 11/10/2015

Missouri Legislative Black Caucus '100 percent supportive of students seeking change' 11/10/2015

First-person stories of everyday racism 11/10/2015

Missouri men's basketball discussed issues on campus, wasn't compelled to boycott 11/10/2015

Was the boycott a positive branding move for Missouri football? 11/10/2015

White House press secretary, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder offer support for journalists 11/10/2015

UPDATE: MU faculty member resigns courtesy appointment, apologizes for photojournalist incident 11/10/2015

UPDATE: Interim vice chancellor named one day after position created by curators 11/10/2015

UM curators' announcements partially meet Concerned Student 1950 demands 11/10/2015

DEAR READER: On a historic day for MU, protest against media wasn't most important 11/10/2015

Carnahan Quad's tent community starts to come down after campus protests 11/10/2015

Missouri football recruits encouraged by team's boycott 11/11/2015

Students write on 'free speech wall' to promote conversation 11/11/2015

UPDATE: MU director of Greek Life put on leave; Title IX complaint filed against her and Click 11/11/2015

Members of Concerned Student 1950 and allies rally and meet in MU Student Center 11/11/2015

STEVE SPELLMAN: Concerned students, past and present, know MU needs a revolution 11/11/2015

DAVID ROSMAN: Wolfe's resignation not a solution to racial discrimination 11/11/2015

Some businesses closed, some classes canceled after threats to MU 11/11/2015

UPDATE: 19-year-old Rolla student charged with making a terroristic threat 11/11/2015

UM Board of Curators: nothing Wednesday, something Thursday 11/11/2015

November 2015: Mike Middleton named interim UM System president 11/12/2015 

GUEST COMMENTARY: A response to Concerned Student 1950, hunger strike and Missouri football courage 11/12/2015

FROM READERS: Hickman principal encourages students to seek to understand each other 11/12/2015

Campuses across country demonstrating in support of MU 11/12/2015

Latest developments at MU: Gov. Nixon appoints UM System curator; petitions circulate for and against MU employees in video 11/13/2015

FROM READERS: Why a Jewish MU student supports Concerned Student 1950 11/13/2015

Concerned Student 1950 leads peaceful 'We Are Not Afraid' march through MU campus 11/13/2015

EDITORIAL: Winning the battle at Mizzou is signal for hard work to begin 11/13/2015

A historic week at MU: A recap 11/14/2015

Context of protest video questioned amid fallout at MU 11/14/2018

GUEST COMMENTARY: 'Deja vu all over again' 11/14/2015

Community shows solidarity for students with Inclusivity March 11/15/2015

Obama praises MU protesters, encourages speaking as well as listening 11/15/2015

THE WEEK'S MOST-READ STORIES: Readers devour the news during week of change at MU 11/15/2015

More than this moment: Jonathan Butler talks about the movement 11/16/2018

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Continue to fight the scourge of racism 11/16/2015

Panelists advocate for faculty to do more for marginalized students 11/17/2015

Former MU faculty highlight need to keep, not just recruit, faculty of color 11/17/2015

FACT CHECK: Fox News analyst exaggerates car incident at Homecoming Parade 11/17/2015

Jefferson City NAACP branch introduces racism hotline 11/17/2015

WEEK IN PHOTOS: Nov. 8 - Nov. 15 11/17/2015

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Heated moments can leave room for benefit of the doubt 11/18/2015

FACT CHECK: No proof tweets about Paris attacks came from MU protesters 11/19/2015

Hank Foley and Michael Middleton address MU's problems at Faculty Council meeting 11/19/2015

Expert: Carnahan Quad kerfuffle was not a First Amendment conflict 11/19/2015

GUEST COMMENTARY: Free speech must be protected 11/19/2015

Ben Shapiro slams political correctness at MU after recent protests 11/19/2015

Students speak their minds at UM System Board of Curators forum 11/20/2018

FACT CHECK: Kinder's 'zero fact' on swastika wrong 11/20/2015

The life of today's black athlete, and how it influenced a movement at MU 11/20/2015

GUEST COMMENTARY: Law v. ethics: Journalists often face difficult decisions 11/22/2015

Difficult Dialogues seminar meant to help campus heal 11/24/2015

Black leaders see disconnect between activism at MU and city at large 11/24/2015

DEAR READERS: The white community on MU campus needs to acknowledge racism 11/27/2015

City will determine whether MU professor is prosecuted for assault 11/30/2015

New initiative at MU aims to foster student conversation about discrimination 12/1/2015

Student photojournalist to receive First Amendment Defender Award 12/3/2015

Former CNN reporter tells MU audience to 'get comfortable with discomfort' 12/3/2015

GUEST COMMENTARY: Just what has happened to journalism? 12/5/2015

MU committees look to long term in race relations, diversity requirements 12/8/2015 

UM curators announce steps to heal racial tensions, promote inclusivity 12/11/2015

UPDATE: A bill to revoke student-athlete scholarships is pre-filed to Missouri House 12/14/2015

GENE ROBERTSON: Now is the time to 'seize the opportunity' for greater diversity 12/14/2015

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Faculty and staff group at MU responds to Scalia's comments 12/15/2015

CARL KENNEY: Ending the semester with lessons on compromise, not conflict 12/15/2015

Interim UM System President signs contract, will earn $40,000 per month 12/17/2015

Mental health services working to meet student demand for more counselors of color 12/18/2018

DEAR READER: We're looking for stories of people working together 12/19/2015

UPDATE: Janna Basler, MU assistant director of Greek Life, back after video fallout 12/26/2015

December 2015: Mike Middleton on the expectations he inherited 12/30/2015

No. 1: Missouri's momentous football boycott 12/31/2015