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2015 Protests at MU: Photographs and Videos


PHOTO GALLERY: Tim Wolfe addresses students involved with Concerned Student 1950 11/3/2015 

VIDEO: Concerned Student 1950 holds news conference about boycott 11/4/2015 

PHOTO GALLERY: MU’s Jewish Student Organization hosts "Spread Cream Cheese, Not Hate" event 11/6/2015

PHOTO GALLERY: Concerned Student 1950 gather for a night prayer 11/6/2015

PHOTO GALLERY: Legion of Black Collegians supporters protest at MU 11/7/2015

PHOTO GALLERY: Concerned Student 1950 members pray for support 11/7/2015

PHOTO GALLERY: Concerned Student 1950 supporters continue campout 11/8/2015

WEEK IN PHOTOS: Nov. 1-7 11/8/2015

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri football players attend Concerned Student 1950 rally 11/9/2015

PHOTO GALLERY: Tim Wolfe resigns from office 11/9/2015

PHOTO GALLERY: Chancellor Loftin announces his resignation 11/9/2015

PHOTO GALLERY: Concerned Student 1950 holds a news conference 11/9/2015

PHOTO GALLERY: Jonathan Butler fights for equality 11/10/2015

PHOTO GALLERY: Concerned Student 1950 group holds "healing meeting" after day of threats and fear on the MU campus 11/11/2015

PHOTO GALLERY: People gather in prayer for MU students 11/12/2015

PHOTO GALLERY: Concerned Student 1950 leads 'We're Not Afraid' march through MU campus 11/13/2015

WEEK IN PHOTOS: Nov. 8 - Nov. 15 11/17/2015

PHOTO GALLERY: Concerned Student 1950 marches through campus 1/28/2016 

Black student activists protest on MU campus 2/4/2016

PHOTO GALLERY: Black rights activists march into UM Board of Curators meeting 2/5/2016

PHOTO GALLERY: The Joint Committee on Education Hearing 2/17/2016

PHOTO GALLERY: Young Americans for Liberty rally to collect signatures for a petition to fire Melissa Click 2/18/2016

PHOTO GALLERY: Concerned Student 1950 members participate in panel at Battle High School 2/25/2016

Spike Lee follows student activists on campus 3/7/2016

PHOTO GALLERY: Black Studies Department hosts second teach-in 3/10/2016

Field of Vision - Concerned Student 1950 Teaser 3/22/2016

Concerned Student 1950 documentary released to global audience 3/22/2016 

PHOTO GALLERY: Black students protest for #MillionStudentMarch 4/13/2016

PHOTO GALLERY: Former MSA president Payton Head gives speech at MU 2/21/2017

PHOTO GALLERY: UM System Interim President Mike Middleton retires again 3/1/2017

Chronicling the past two years 11/12/2017

MU Black Studies department hosts event to reflect on 2015 protests 11/13/2017