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2015 Protests at MU: 2018 Articles

Newspaper Articles 2018

MU still has ways to go in diverse faculty hiring, Choi and Cartwright say 1/8/2018

MU leadership promotes progress to joint education committee 1/10/2018

Not just 4-H anymore: MU hopes to broaden its reach through Extension 1/17/2018

Forum: Diversity awareness key in future MU provost 1/22/2018

Columbia vulnerable to Kremlin fanning flames of 2015 protests  2/14/2018

Indictment hits group linked to false rumors at MU in 2015 2/16/2018

Passport program takes Columbians on a trip through biases 2/26/2018

Marketing director says MU's advertisements have reached millions 4/13/2018

MU faculty debates keeping academic freedom wording in defunct irresponsibility rule 4/17/2018

Cutting grad programs could hurt MU’s diversity push, some say 4/26/2018

UPDATE: MU freshman enrollment forecast to increase by more than 14 percent 5/2/2018

MU lays off 30, eliminates 155 vacant positions amid $45.4 million budget cut 6/7/2018

Curator punches back at Wall Street Journal editorial criticizing MU 6/22/2018 

UPDATE: Trump revokes Obama guidance on race in school admissions 7/3/2018

Three years after protests, educators plant seeds for 'black history renaissance' at MU 7/24/2018

MU law professor dispels myths of 2015 campus protests 7/25/2018 

Reuben Faloughi returns to MU campus to inspire advocacy 8/18/2018

First Inclusive Journey cycle wraps up, looks ahead 8/23/2018

UPDATED: Spike in freshman enrollment doesn't keep MU total enrollment from slipping 9/21/2018

Fixing systemic racism in colleges takes an 'ongoing commitment,' visiting professor says 9/26/2018

MU made sweeping changes at the top after the fall 2015 protests. But it falls short on hiring minority faculty. 11/9/2018

FACT CHECK: Has MU "bent over backwards" to increase faculty diversity? 12/5/2018