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2015 Protests at MU: 2016 Articles

Newspaper Articles 2016

GEORGE KENNEDY: A new year for a new conversation about race 1/1/2016 

Missouri Republicans want Click, Basler out of MU 1/4/2016

Letter of support for Click released after lawmakers call for dismissal 1/5/2016

New free speech bill meant to better protect student journalists 1/6/2016

Former university student pleads guilty in Yik Yak threat case 1/11/2016

CARL KENNEY: Lessons of history can inform the present 1/19/2016

Interim chancellor forms committee to explore free speech, regulation of public space on campus 1/20/2016

UPDATE: MU chancellor says Melissa Click will keep her job pending tenure process 1/25/2016 

Plea of not guilty entered for Melissa Click in MU incident 1/26/2016

CARL KENNEY: There's no reason to punish Melissa Click any longer 1/26/2016

UPDATE: Wolfe criticizes UM System curators, Loftin in confidential email to university supporters 1/27/2016

UM System Curator Yvonne Sparks resigns after two months in her position 1/27/2016

GUEST COMMENTARY: In support of Melissa Click as she supported us 1/27/2016

MU professor Melissa Click suspended pending further investigation 1/27/2016

Concerned Student 1950 to receive NAACP award 1/28/2016

UPDATE: Concerned Student 1950: MU and UM curators are scapegoating Melissa Click 1/28/2016

EDITORIAL: Melissa Click asked for justice. Now she'll get it. 1/29/2016

City prosecutor forgoes criminal charge against Melissa Click 1/29/2016

DEAR READER: Not much is in equilibrium at MU 1/30/2016

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Melissa Click cares about MU students 2/2/2016

Missouri football recruiting class feels fallout of campus protests 2/2/2016 

University professors' organization calls for Melissa Click's reinstatement 2/2/2016

CARL KENNEY: Troubling questions arise after two black curators resign 2/2/2016

MU's Asian students reluctant to report episodes of discrimination, racism 2/3/2016

DAVID ROSMAN: Melissa Click seems to have learned her lesson 2/3/2016

STEVE SPELLMAN: Conflict with the Legislature doesn't bode well for MU 2/3/2016

Black rights activists repeat demand for racial equality in rally, march into UM curators meeting 2/4/2016

Missouri legislators press to keep university seats vacant 2/4/2016

Despite interruption, UM System Board of Curators discusses credit outlook, presidential search 2/5/2016

CARL KENNEY: We are a nation of broken people who have become symbols 2/9/2016

Kevin McDonald discussed strategic plan, resources, patience 2/11/2016

Melissa Click says she'll fight to restore her reputation, keep job 2/13/2016

MU chancellor to confer with Board of Curators about body camera footage of Melissa Click 2/14/2016

University leaders to lawmakers: Give us time 2/17/2016

MU faculty say Melissa Click deserves due process, fair treatment from administrators 2/17/2016

MU loses $2 million in donations after campus events last fall 2/17/2016

MU student group collects signatures to have Click fired 2/18/2016

EDITORIAL: Why are 'free speech' advocates so eager to silence Melissa Click? 2/18/2016 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Shakespeare, Melissa Click and campus unrest  2/18/2016

Concerned Student 1950 member invited to gather with Obama, civil rights leaders 2/18/2016

Senator's charge won't initiate disciplinary action against Melissa Click 2/19/2016

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Melissa Click and First Amendment rights 2/19/2016

MU and Missouri legislature forge contentious relationship during period of campus unrest 2/22/2016

UPDATE: House committee proposes $8 million in cuts to UM System funding 2/23/2016

UM System Intercampus Faculty Council calls for due process for Melissa Click 2/23/2016

House budget committee reviews proposed UM System budget cuts 2/24/2016

STEVE SPELLMAN: Ugly mess at Mizzou has long been fermenting 2/24/2018

Concerned Student 1950 talk about student activism with Battle High School 2/25/2016

UM curators fire Melissa Click after months of controversy 2/25/2016

Legislators applaud firing of Melissa Click 2/26/2016

Foley addresses concerns about Melissa Click at MU Faculty Council meeting 2/25/2016

Stop making demands: Interim UM president, diversity chancellor to Concerned Student 1950 2/26/2016

American Association of University Professors to UM curators: Bring back Melissa Click 2/26/2016

Curators' report, Melissa Click's response contradict on context and comments 2/26/2016

Boone County Democrat, Republican reps push for restored MU funding 2/26/2016

GEORGE KENNEDY: On campus and in the Capitol, a clear failure of leadership 2/26/2016

DEAR READER: Melissa Click is the story that keeps going and going 2/26/2016

EDITORIAL: Academic freedom loses in Melissa Click decision 2/26/2016

Black History Month: People and events that shaped Columbia 2/27/2016

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: University governance needs complete overhaul 3/1/2016

CARL KENNEY: When winning becomes more urgent than the need for change 3/1/2016

UPDATE: Funding cut to UM System passes House committee 3/2/2016

AAUP threatens investigation into Melissa Click's firing, Foley responds 3/4/2016

Spike Lee reportedly working on ESPN Films short about Missouri football team 3/6/2016

GEORGE KENNEDY: The time for demands is over. It's time for collaboration 3/6/2016

Concerned Student 1950 confronts MU diversity chancellor over letter 3/7/2016

AAUP to investigate Melissa Click's firing 3/7/2016

Melissa Click challenges curators' decisions as AAUP investigation looms 3/8/2016

UPDATE: Board of Curators rejects Melissa Click's appeal, upholds firing 3/14/2016

UM Curators to AAUP: 'We disagree' about Melissa Click investigation 3/17/2016

Mentorship, promotion among challenges of keeping black faculty 3/21/2016

UM System hires Kevin McDonald as first chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer 3/23/2016

In midst of budget uncertainty, fundraising gets boost from anonymous donor 3/24/2016

Republicans celebrate Lincoln Day by decrying Democrats, lamenting MU events 4/2/2016

Spike Lee's film on campus activism to premiere Wednesday at Missouri Theatre 4/4/2016

UM System budget cuts await vote in the Senate 4/4/2016

Spike Lee: Racial climate on MU's campus is not 'hunky-dory' 4/5/2016

Spike Lee documentary focuses on campus activism 4/6/2016

State representative scolds UM System brass about diversity efforts 4/11/2016

CARL KENNEY: Spike Lee's film captures context of an historic movement 4/12/2016

Student protesters won't be allowed to disrupt campus buildings due to revived security policy 4/13/2016

Middleton sounds optimistic note in speech to UM System Board of Curators 4/15/2016

House committee cautious about proposal for UM System oversight commission 4/18/2016

Race initiatives at MU and UM: A Missourian guide 4/25/2016

Nixon approves higher education funding; UM System's appropriation to be cut $3.8 million 4/27/2016

EDITORIAL: MU, Schaefer win dubious awards for muzzling free speech 4/27/2016

CARL KENNEY: Chuck Henson and his thankless position 5/3/2016

MU student leaders: We were working before Concerned Student 1950 protests 5/10/2016

Competition and misconceptions: challenges MU faces in diversifying its faculty 5/11/2016

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Systemic racism needs good change agents, not new hires 5/11/2016

AAUP Report on Melissa Click firing 5/18/2016

AAUP investigators fault lawmakers, UM curators in Melissa Click firing; board rejects conclusions 5/18/2016

AAUP membership puts MU administration on its censure list after Melissa Click dismissal 6/18/2016

Middleton urges college leaders not to be complacent about campus race relations 6/21/2016

CARL KENNEY: MU censure may ruin its ability to recruit a diverse faculty 6/21/2016

Street photographer's images of student protests join museum collection 6/22/2016

MU's diversity division begins to take shape 7/18/2016

A simplified rundown of the news at MU during fall 2015 7/21/2016

MU to host open forums on proposed freedom of expression policy 8/26/2016

Proposed freedom of expression policy receives pushback 8/30/2016 

MU hopes doubling its faculty of color will ease racial tensions 9/13/2016

EDITORIAL: MU acts with needed speed to squash racial hatred on campus 10/3/2016

MU Homecoming Parade draws demonstrators, but no interruptions 10/22/2016

Marc Lamont Hill to look at race, social justice at MU a year after protests 10/26/2016

Marc Lamont Hill discusses campus climate, MU protests at panel 10/29/2016

UPDATE: UConn provost to lead University of Missouri System 10/31/2016

AARON REISS: Understanding the Missouri football boycott's legacy and the issues that remain 11/1/2016

New UM System president is details-oriented, 'born leader' 11/2/2016

DEAR READER: A year after 'The Day' at MU, the call for more dialogue continues 11/5/2016 

A 'radical form of resistance': MU activists on looking back and moving forward 11/7/2016 

AARON REISS: A year out of football, Ian Simon gains appreciation for Missouri football boycott 11/8/2016

FACT CHECK: Schaefer's claims of UM System funding fall short 12/16/2016