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Journalism - Resources for Journalism Graduate Students

Research Assistantships, Thesis/Dissertation Policies/ Calculator/Proposals; Defending and Finishing!

Thesis and dissertation policies

Thesis/dissertation Calculator

EDT Guidance Briefs - Guides for the curation and preservation of your digital projects, theses and dissertations.

Proposals and Defenses - Finding a room

Study Rooms & Conference Room

Graduate Research Assistants

  • Proxy Cards may be issued to a research assistant, student assistant or other person designated by MU faculty and staff to check out library materials for them.

  • If you need assistance in finding research for your professor contact Vera Elwood,

Finishing Up 

  • Master Projects - you will need to provide: Keywords, Abstract, Analysis and your full project along with an electronic release form before graduation.  
  • If you have defended and you are finished except for writing your thesis/dissertation but aren't enrolled in any classes you will need to enroll in a one hour thesis credit class to retain library privileges.  

  • If you leave at the end of the spring semester your library account is active until September 5.  

  • If you leave in December your library account is active until January 25.

  • Upon completion of coursework, a graduate student must be enrolled for at least one credit hour to maintain borrowing and interlibrary loan privileges and to access resources from off-campus.  Contact your department for additional details.