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Journalism - Resources for Journalism Graduate Students

Books and more..


  • The standard loan period for generally circulating books is 120 days.
  • Books may be recalled after you have had them checked out for 2 weeks.
  • The fine for not returning recalled books is $2.00 a day.
  • Books are arranged by Library of Congress call number in the compact shelving and other collections located in the Journalism Library.
  • Different libraries have different check out loan periods and fines. Please pay attention to the due date on the book band when you check materials out from other libraries.
  • Oversized Books are located on the orange shelving adjacent to the stairs in the Journalism Library’s lower level.
  • The Journalism Library has a variety of  journalism collections.
  • Search for books, articles, and other materials with the Discover@MU search box. If you can't find a book in either of those catalogs check out the Finding Aids page.
    • The MOBIUS catalog provides access to about 50 Missouri library collections.
    • Materials in the Journalism Library have the location prefix  MU Journalism Library unless it's in our Weinberg Journalism Fiction collection then it will have Weinberg in front of the call #.
    • MU Libraries uses the Library of Congress classification system.
    • Books can be obtained from another MU campus using the “Request” function.
    • To request books not in Discover@MU or MOBIUS,  choose Request an Item on our main webpage, then on the left side choose to log in to ILL@MU to fill out an interlibrary loan request to get the item from another institution.
  • E-Reserves (Your instructor may put articles and/or chapters on Eres. They are available from anywhere at anytime.)
    • Go to   Click on either By Instructor (last name, first name) or By Semester or By Subject and type in Journalism
    • Class pages will require a password (your professor should announce this password in class or put it in the syllabus)
    • Acrobat Reader must be installed to view most articles. You can download the newest edition of Acrobat Reader here
  • Reserves (Instructors may also put folders & books “on reserve.”)
    • Reserved books are arranged by call number behind the front circulation desk.
    • You may find a list of books on reserve for your course by searching your course name (i.e. JOURN 1000) in Discover@MU search box.
      • Reserve books check out for 2 hours at a time and may not leave the library.
      • The staff at the front desk will help you if you can provide either the instructor’s name or the course number.


  • Fines for overdue reserve books are $2.00 an hour per item - maximum of $50.00.
  • Fines for overdue reserve equipment (cameras, laptops, recorders, chargers, etc.) - $10.00 a day and $2 an hour up to a maximum of $50.00.  If you don't return the item, your library account may be blocked from checking anything else out from any library and also fined replacement costs of each piece of equipment.
    • Books paged from other campuses have their own fines
    • Fines are $175 for billed overdue books from the MU system (for replacement, processing and acquisition costs). This replacement cost is removed if the book is returned within a reasonable amount of time. Although it takes some time to be credited to your bill at Jesse Hall.  If you lose an MU book you may buy a replacement book that is in comparable condition to have the replacement cost removed.  Contact Sandy Schiefer,
  • Bringing back a late reserve book or piece of equipment does NOT remove fines accrued

Reference Books

  • The Journalism Library has a small collection of reference items located in the back right corner (office side) on the main floor.
  • Many included in our Journalism Research Guide.

Current Periodicals (non-circulating)

  • Current print magazines and journals are located on the shelves along the south wall of the journalism library’s main floor. (Many journals are available online only)
  • Use the find  A specific journal or A specific article to locate magazine and journal articles.  If you use the specific journal it will show you all of the MU databases that have the full text of that journal and also the Merlin record for the bound hard copies.

Bound Periodicals

  • Bound periodicals are shelved in the compact shelving on the lower level or are stored at the University of Missouri Library Depository (UMLD).
  • Bound periodicals may be checked out for 2 weeks.
  • Bound periodicals stored at the University of Missouri Library Depository (UMLD) may be requested. 

Reference Books

  • The Journalism Library has a small collection of reference items located in the back right corner (office side) on the main floor.


  • Issues of current/non-circulating newspapers are located on the shelves in front of the front circulation desk on the main level of the Journalism Library.
  • Domestic papers are arranged alphabetically by city and international papers are arranged alphabetically by country.
  • A list of the newspapers to which the Journalism Library subscribes may be found on the Journalism Library’s web page under News.  
  • See the Find News libguide
  • Newspapers are weeded every two weeks.
  • Bound issues of the last year of the Missourian are located in the Journalism Library.
  • You can search the archives of the Missourian using MerlinOne at  (Login: “merlin”; Password: “missourian#1”)
  • Chronicling of America has the Columbia Evening Missourian from 1908-1916.
  • Archives of the Columbia Missourian from 1929, 1966-1975 are available through the Missouri State Library
  • Search the archives of the Columbia Tribune at
  • The  Journalism library has microfilm for the Columbia Missourian from 1908-present
  • Ellis Library’s Special Collections Department, located on the 4th floor, has several newspapers on microfilm. Here is a list of titles in the collection.
  • The State Historical Society of Missouri has an extensive collection of Missouri newspapers, both current and on microfilm. Check out their collection of titles.