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Education: Selective Acronyms

Tips, techniques & links to help you find answers for your research papers & projects

Selected Acronyms

AP—Advanced Placement

BEST—Basic English Skills Test

BIP—Behavior Intervention Plan

CD—Cognitive Disability

CEC—Council for Exceptional Children

EDGAR—Education Department
General Administrative Regulations

ESEA—Elementary and Secondary
Education Act

FERPA—Family Educational Rights
and Privacy Act

GED—General Education Development

ELL—English Language Learner

ESL—English as a Second Language

IDEA—Individuals with Disabilities Act

IEP—Individualized Education Program

LVA—Literacy Volunteers of America

NAEP—National Assessment of Education
Program (Nation’s Report Card)

NCLB—No Child Left Behind passed in
2002 reauthorizes the Elementary and
Secondary Education Act of 1965.

OCR—Office for Civil Rights

PSAT—Pre-Scholastic Assessment Test

QUILT—Questioning and Understanding
to Improve Learning and Thinking

RTI—Response to Intervention

Title I—(NCLB) Federal funding to help local
school districts with students who are
lagging academically or who might lag.

Title II—(NCLB) Provides funding and
speaks to English acquisition by students
with limited English proficiency.

Title IX—(Education Amendments of
1972) bans sexual discrimination in academics
and athletics, by schools receiving federal