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Prices and Wages by Decade: 1790-1799

Links to government documents and primary sources listing retail prices for products and services, as well as wages for common occupations.

Wages in the United States, 1790-1799

Wages in Foreign Countries, 1790-1799

Wages and Prices, 1790-1799 - Analysis

Prices in the United States, 1790-1799

Prices for FOOD, 1790s

Prices for HOUSEHOLD ITEMS, 1790s

Prices for CLOTHING and SEWING SUPPLIES, 1790s

Prices for TRAVEL and TRANSPORTATION, 1790s

Prices for LAND and RENT, 1790s

Prices for BUILDING SUPPLIES, 1790s

Prices for HEALTH CARE, 1790s

Prices for SERVICES, 1790s

MISCELLANEOUS prices, 1790s

Prices in Foreign Countries, 1790-1799


The following book was noted in the statistical literature for providing actual English working class family budgets for the late 18th century.  It does list amounts in English money, so users may wish to check this U.S. dollars to British pounds exchange rate calculator.



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