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Native American/Indigenous Studies: Literature

A guide for finding resources to do with the first peoples of America and other colonized areas.

Keywords & Subject Terms


  • Native American
  • American Indian
  • Indian
  • Two-Spirit
  • First Nations
  • Indigenous
  • Specific Tribe Name. e.g. Osage, Cherokee, Apache, etc.

Library of Congress Subject Terms:

Search Tips:

  • Keep in mind that Native American names may be spelled differently in different databases, especially Native Alaskan Names, e.g.  Tivi Etok or Tivi Etook
  • Native American Names may not have the last name, first name structure, e.g. Mountain Wolf Woman
  • Native American authors may have more than one name, e.g. Zitkala-Si OR Gertrude Simmons Bonnin
  • Tribe names may be differently spelled, e.g. Kwakwaka'wakw OR Kwagiutl OR Kwakiutl

Subject Databases

Online Resources

Print Resources

Native Writers