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New Librarian Information: Professional


The goal of the Peer Mentoring Program is to acquaint new librarians with both MU Libraries and the campus. 

Assigned by MULAC subgroup

Travel Forms

Steps to request travel and training:

  1. Discuss travel/training request with supervisor and AUL
  2. If approved verbally, download to complete and submit Travel and Training Request Form and email it to to initiate Librarian Admin approval process.
  3. Once Library Admin approval is received, complete e-Compliance form for Travel for any out-of-town travel that involves an overnight stay.
  • Upon receipt of internal Travel approval by all levels of Library reporting structure, please fill out a Campus level travel authorization form found at this website: e-Compliance form for Travel. This form is required only by those who will be traveling outside of Columbia for any length of time due to University related approved travel and does not need to be completed by those with training, webinar or virtual conference approvals.  See Chris Riley-Tillman email below.
  • When filling out this form: Question 6 is estimated cost of trip, Question 8 is location of lodging, Question 14 is Fiscal Assistant and additional departmental professionals include your supervisor and Vice Provost for Libraries.

Be cautious about non-refundable flights when booking travel. Non-refundable flights are usually eligible for credit toward another flight if canceled before travel occurs and used within one year of the date of departure.

  • In light of possible conference cancellations, due to COVID, you are encouraged to obtain travel insurance on the purchase of non-refundable flights.  This can usually be done at the end of the flight reservation page when booking directly with airlines.  

To obtain discounts on travel, University employees are encouraged to use the online tool, Uniglobe.

  • Please see this UM page
    • Employees can designate Jacqueline Eiben to create travel arrangements on your behalf.
      • Travelers' personal preferences can be saved within your profile.
    • The University One Card held by Jacqueline Eiben can automatically be used inside this program when reservation is created by Jacqueline.
    • Employees can use this service to book personal travel.
    • There is a phone app version of this website.
    • Employees can contact Concur if they are stuck in an airport and need travel adjustments.
    • There is a small fee (approx. $8) to use the Concur website but a travel agent is also available to assist you with booking for a fee of approximately $20.
  • Login at  to book flight, hotel and car rental travel reservations. On the first login screen use your university email with the ending and then on the second screen enter your SSO and password.

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If desired, you are also welcome to use the travel agency, Adelman Travel and discuss insurance/refund options for each individual flight booking.

  • Flight reservations and/or shuttle to Kansas City or St. Louis can also be booked with Jeannette from Adelman Travel
  • Ask Jeannette to place it on Jacqueline’s One Card that they have on file.  Below is Jeannette’s contact information. 
  • Note: a $25 service fee applies to each round-trip flight and shuttle reservation.

Jeanette L. Pech-Timmerman, Corporate Travel Consultant, Adelman Travel, Direct: 1-800-725-7111 x 3627,

Adelman Travel


University Travel Policy

Travel Guidance from the University can be found at the Show Me Renewal website.


For travel reimbursements fill out the below Excel, Employee Reimbursement Form, include the MOCode /  PS Account provided at time of travel approval and submit it to

Guidelines around per-diem reimbursements.

  • The University will reimburse the cost of the hotel in its entirety and not according to a per-diem rate. 
  • Mileage per diem is currently $0.55 per mile. 
  • Meal per diem is calculated according to the CONUS rate for the state/city in which you travel as determined by the Defense Travel Management Office. Overnight travel within the State of Missouri allows a meal per diem reimbursement of $54 per day regardless of destination. The first and last days of meal per diem needs to be calculated according to departure and arrival times according to this chart:

    Hours in Travel Status

    Eligible Amount

    Less than 8 hours

    not eligible

    At least 8 hours but less than 12 hours

    50% of applicable per diem

    12 hours or more

    100% of applicable per diem

  • Similarly, if a meal is provided by the hotel or conference, a percentage will need to be deducted from the daily meal per diem. Breakfast is worth 25%, Lunch 25%, Dinner 50% of the daily meal per diem. 
  • Incidental rates are not included in the per diem.

Training Contacts

Instruction - Cindy Cotner

Reference Desk and Scheduling - Cindy Cotner

Promotion Requirements

A Librarian I must attain the rank of Librarian II before the fifth anniversary of his/her start date.

Librarian II Requirements:

  • Experience - three years recommended, two years required
  • Performance - active participation and potential for growth
  • Education - further graduate work or self-directed continuing education
  • Professional Activities - professional organizations, library and university service, or publication, teaching, and innovation

Details on promotion requirements and different librarian levels can be found in the MU Libraries Governance Document, starting on page 12. You can find the Governance Document under the "Manuals & Policy" tab of the Staff Web

Funding for Professional Development

Some funding is available for travel and conferences. As a department, we try to note conferences that we would like to attend ahead of time to help with funding and scheduling. (This document is currently on the Q drive under EllisRef and is called "2014-1015 Conferences.") Talk to your supervisor to learn more.

Organizations / Committees

MU Librarians and Archivists Council (MULAC): All MU Libraries employees with Librarian or Archivist in their position descriptions are members.

MU Libraries Staff Association (MULSA): All MU Libraries employees are members of this 50+ year old social organization.

Other library committees to join