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New Librarian Information: Collection Development


Setting up account Contact: Corrie Hutchinson

SelectorsGOBI05-2014 - Basics on how to order using Gobi. login --> on left hand side select Tutorials

  • These short videos should help you understand the basics on Gobi functions

Electronic approval shelf: Depending on the funds you manage, you may need to weekly check your approval shelf for eBooks. (Log into Gobi, and look for "Approval Shelf" in the top right of the screen. It is to the left of "Select Cart.")

Physical approval shelf: Check this every week. It is located in Technical Services. 

Date Guidelines

Jan. 1 - aprx. 50% encumbered/expended 

Feb. 15 - aprx. 75% encumbered/expended 

April 15 - aprx. 100%  encumbered/expended (it is best to go over 100%, because books may come in at a lower cost than expected.) 

July 15th - standard date for serial switches

Technical Services Contacts

1. Collection Services
2. LSO Consortial Resources
3. Acquisitions & Collection Development - 
4. Collection Services: Physical Processing
5. Digital Services -
6. Cataloging & Metadata
7. Acquisitions & Collection Development: Accounts Payable & Serials Cataloging



You can use Millennium to create lists by using specific criteria to search our collection for items. One example you could do is finding all Ellis books in the Q-QA call number range that have circulated more than 3 times.

You can also use Millennium to find statistics on item circulation. (Use the "record" tab in Millennium to view total checkouts, checkouts last year, etc.)

Collection Development Sharepoint:

Budget Projections & Reports (inlcudes Payment History reports for all funds for the previous year)

Continuing Orders & Serials Lists

Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA)

Usage Statistics & Data (includes e-Resources, ILL, MERLIN and Circulation, and website searches)