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Off-Campus Access

Step 1: Proxy Prefix

All articles/journals/ebooks/databases/streaming films/etc. that are licensed by the University of Missouri Libraries for use by students, faculty and staff will need the proxy prefix added to the URL for authenticated access.

Proxy prefix:

Note:  The proxy prefix cannot be added to all URLs.  It will only work with URLs that have been configured by the libraries for access.  Follow the steps below for instructions on finding the correct URLs to use.


Step 2: Finding the Correct URL

Do NOT copy the URL that displays in your web browser address bar.  That is often a session URL and will not work for long or for off-campus users.

Click on the links below for the appropriate materials for instructions on finding the right link to use.


More detailed instructions for additional formats available to add to your courses are listed on the Integrating Library Content in an LMS guide.

For assistance contact your subject librarian or Rhonda Whithaus.