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Parliamentary Papers at MU: Databases

Tips, techniques & links to help you find answers for your research papers & projects

Parliamentary Papers Databases


All of the following databases contain parts of the Parliamentary Papers.  See below for details on what each covers and how to use that database.  Please note that search terms should include the quotes when searching if used below.


House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

  1. This database is an index of the papers from approximately 1990-2006.
    1. The record states coverage from 1801, but all sample searches yielded no results pre-1990.
  2. It is a CD-ROM.
    1. It runs on Windows 95 in DOS mode.
    2. It is currently only on one computer in Ellis Library.
    3. Please contact Rhonda Whithaus,
      1. Please contact at least three days in advance to set up an appointment.

ECCO (Eighteen Century Collection Online)

  1. Upon entry, click "Advanced Search"
  2. Type "Great Britain Parliament House of Commons" or "Great Britain Parliament House of Lords," depending on what you are looking for, into one of the search boxes.
  3. Use the drop down menu next to the box and click "Author," then click "Search."
  4. Next scroll through the list or refine the search by topic within the current search.
  5. Other way to gather papers:
    1. Click "Browse," enter "Great Britain" and see all papers relating to Great Britain, including Parliament's.
  6. Note:  Not all documents on ECCO have full text.  Some are just indexes.

EEBO (Early English Books Online)

  1.   Two ways to search:
    1. Use "Advanced Search" and type in "England and Wales.  Parliament."
      1. This search gathers the most results for searching.
        1. Other terms to try:
          1. "Parliament -- Early Works to 1800."
          2. "Great Britain -- Politics and Government -- 1642-1649"
          3. "Great Britain -- Politics and Government -- 1642-1649 -- sources."
          4. England and Wales.  Laws, Statues, etc."
    2. Use "Advanced Search" and click on "Select from List."
      1. Type "England" into the search box.
        1. This search only searches one word at a time.
      2. Once the results come up, scroll through the list "England and Wales", clicking through a screen or two until the second term "Parliament" follows "England and Wales."
      3. Once that spot in the results are found, you can see all the specific subject headings within the Parliamentary Papers to better search your specific topic.
    3. It is important to note two things about searching EBBO;
      1. It uses Library of Congress Subject Headings, so keyword searching is not very helpful as that feature is not built into the database.
      2. The best results comes from "select a list" because you can see every category within the EBBO's collection on government papers.  The best feature of this way is you can see how the broader categories were subdivided which help to narrow the searches.

C19:  House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

  1. The search interface is straightforward and basic.
    1. You can search by paper number, subject, keyword, chair/author. and title; optionally can limit to date ranges
    2. C19 contains indexes for:
      1. House of Commons Papers
      2. Command Papers
      3. Bills
      4. Reports of Committees
      5. Reports of Commissioners
      6. Accounts and Papers
  2. Here's a link to a tutorial on how to use C19 Databasea.

British History Online:

This database requires an individual subscription.  It costs $48 USD per year.  MU Libraries does not subscribe to British History Online.

It includes The Parliamentary Rolls of England, all volumes of the Calendar of State Papers for each England, Ireland, and Scotland, Calendar of Close Rolls, Grey's Debates (1667-1694), Chandler's History of and Proceedings of the House of Commons (1660-1739), and many more.  Here is a full list of what is included.

MERLIN Catalog (Online MU Libraries Catalog)

  1. Here are some terms to use:
    1. Search by the type of paper starting with "House of Commons" followed by type
    2. Subject search: Great Britain -- --Politics and government
    3. Subject search: Legislation -- Great Britain
    4. Subject search:  Great Britain.  Parliament.  House of Commons
    5. Subject search:  Great Britain.  Parliament.  House of Lords 
    6. Subject search:  Great Britain.  Parliament.  Papers by command.
    7. Subject search: Government publications.  Great Britain.
      1. Each term is a subject search, so please be sure to select that from the menu and type everything exactly as shown here
      1. These searches will bring up most of the papers
      2. These terms work in MOBIUS Catalog too

Hein Online

  1. Access to 1220-1713 Statutes and their index.
  2. Use above link, then scroll down to click on Statues of the Realm.

Making of Modern Law Legal Treatises 1800-1926

Note:  Access is through the MU Law Library, not MU Libraries!

  1. Type either "Great Britain.  Parliament.  House of Commons." or "Great Britain.  Parliament.  House of Lords." in the search box.
  2. In the drop down box next the the search box, select "Author", then click search.

Making of Modern Law Primary Sources

Note:  Access is through the MU Law Library, not MU Libraries!

  1. Search:  Great Britain Parliament