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Parliamentary Papers at MU: House of Lords

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House of Lords Papers


"House of Lords papers take the same form as those of the Commons--procedure papers, the Journals, the Debates, House papers, and Command Papers.  Its sessional papers were bound and indexed in the nineteenth century on somewhat the same lines as those of the Commons, but fewer sets have been preserved.  Fortunately, however, each House communicated documents to the other House, so that a large number of the Lords papers are in the Commons volumes and have Commons numbers.  Thus is is only for the Lords papers not communicated and therefore not int he commons set that the Lords volumes need be consulted.....Since 1900...the only duplication now remaining consists of the reports of joint committees of both Houses."---Ford, P. and G. Ford.  A Guide to Parliamentary Papers, page 19.

While most instance of Parliamentary Papers refer to the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, they are not the only producer.  The House of Lords also creates and publishes material.  However, much legislation is introduced in the Commons and the Lords often just discuss, amend, and approve the legislation once it is presented to them.  However, there is not much different or more content in the Lords papers of the the Commons, thus discussion of each are best in tandem.  Please click on the link below to see that papers the House of Lords offer.

Types of Papers:

Hansard Debates

House of Lords Journal

Sessional Papers