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Special Collections


How to find Special Collections in Ellis Library...




Special Collections houses 926 pieces of original comic art, 108 syndicate proofs, 983 cataloged books and journals, and 2131 comic books!

You can search through the comics in the MERLIN catalog or you can ask a Special Collections librarian about them. You can find more information on the Comic collection on the Special Collections website.

Rare Books

Ellis Library is home to the division of Special Collections and Rare Books on 4 WEST. Collections include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • 4,000 year-old Babylonian cuneiform tablets
  • Illuminated manuscripts from the 11th century forward
  • A leave of a 15th century Gutenberg bible 
  • First edition comic books
  • Theater programs
  • 20th century propaganda posters
  • Rare modern books

You can browse also topics online. The majority of materials held by Special Collections are for library use only.

The division also has digital collections, including:

     -text and image archives of MU yearbooks (Savitar)

     -Daniel Webster speeches

     -4th of July speeches

Visit the Special Collections Digital Library to browse the other digital collections.